Battery Life

Battery life is always the bugbear of handhelds. Too often gaming is cut short because the battery has died.
One of the main reservations I have about buying an iPhone is the battery life. If it’s anything like the Touch I’ll be charging the thing every day, which is just crap.
The DS however has amazing battery life, lasting very long trips without batting an eye. Why? Why is it so much better?
Also the X-Box 360 has batteries for it’s controllers, what is the opinion on the battery life there?
Is it a ploy by Microsoft to try and get you to buy the charging stations?
The PS3 controllers don’t have any batteries, relying instead on a cable that plugs directly into the PS3.
I think that’s a better system?!
Hopefully Apple’s boffins are beavering feverishly away in the background and improve the battery life when the next iPhone comes out.
Here’s hoping.


2 Responses to “Battery Life”

  1. I certainly give you A+ for ugly blog formatting lol 😛

    Dont know the specifics of the batteries to compare DS to iTouch/iPhone but screen size, screen type, resolution, speaker size and quality would all play a part. DS is sub-par in comparasion. But yeah ipods, most mp3 players and cellphones in general have always had shit battery life.
    PS3 is on to it with there included battery in controller but hows the battery life? seems good.
    360 controller is ok w battery life, if u have a battery recharger its not a problem, i bought generic pack for the controller and cost me $18, so 50% less than the MS one, battery isnt that good but will last me at least 4-5 plays of multiple hours (2-4hrs)?

    Battery Life certainly hasnt caught up fast enough to the technology that obviously demands more

  2. The DS was made with battery life being a number 1 priority (hence the lower tech compared to the competition) and that was proven when I was in Auckland recently and went for days and days of hours and hours worth of gaming and the battery indicator never went down a single bar. The iTouch on the other hand needed charging nightly despite getting no where near as much use.

    As for the consoles I def think PS3 did the best job this gen although not a perfect job with their rechargeable controllers. You can charge over a standard USB cable while playing and they last more than enough hours on a single charge. You can’t replace the batteries easily, it involves screws and stuff but it is possible and they have said they would replace any dead controller free of charge which is pretty amazing!? The Xbox is good once you get the xtra play and charge kit but that’s incresing the price overall with another microsoft tax but at least it’s an option unlike the wii where it couldn’t make sense to have a long cable attached.

    I wonder what Sony are going to do with their wand motion controllers. We’ll find out next year I guess…

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