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Battery Life

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on November 16, 2009 by roscopct

Battery life is always the bugbear of handhelds. Too often gaming is cut short because the battery has died.
One of the main reservations I have about buying an iPhone is the battery life. If it’s anything like the Touch I’ll be charging the thing every day, which is just crap.
The DS however has amazing battery life, lasting very long trips without batting an eye. Why? Why is it so much better?
Also the X-Box 360 has batteries for it’s controllers, what is the opinion on the battery life there?
Is it a ploy by Microsoft to try and get you to buy the charging stations?
The PS3 controllers don’t have any batteries, relying instead on a cable that plugs directly into the PS3.
I think that’s a better system?!
Hopefully Apple’s boffins are beavering feverishly away in the background and improve the battery life when the next iPhone comes out.
Here’s hoping.