Battery Life

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Battery life is always the bugbear of handhelds. Too often gaming is cut short because the battery has died.
One of the main reservations I have about buying an iPhone is the battery life. If it’s anything like the Touch I’ll be charging the thing every day, which is just crap.
The DS however has amazing battery life, lasting very long trips without batting an eye. Why? Why is it so much better?
Also the X-Box 360 has batteries for it’s controllers, what is the opinion on the battery life there?
Is it a ploy by Microsoft to try and get you to buy the charging stations?
The PS3 controllers don’t have any batteries, relying instead on a cable that plugs directly into the PS3.
I think that’s a better system?!
Hopefully Apple’s boffins are beavering feverishly away in the background and improve the battery life when the next iPhone comes out.
Here’s hoping.


Don’t forget about the awesomeness of Zero Punctuation!

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I hadn’t watch one of these in a while. Freakin brilliant!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Why Wii?

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I recently saw some adverts, can’t remember whether they were TV or print, that were giving away a Nintendo Wii with a Full HD TV?

Why? What’s there reasoning? A non-HD console (or at least the lowest def console) with a full HD TV? Just doesn’t make sense!

Are Nintendo Wii’s cheap at the moment? Do they have surplus?

Why not a PS3 Slim or an Arcade 360?

I’m not knocking the Wii, it’s a very cool console, but why with an HD Tv?

Graphics plateau?

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It’s usually at about this time in the console life cycles (4-5 years in) that the PC begins to pull ahead with raw power, and we start seeing noticeably superior games (graphically). Moore’s Law is still in effect, but being able to see large graphical improvements in games is getting harder to discern. There is usually always one developer who steps up with an amazing looking game on the PC, even if it’s only for bragging rights, but at this stage the two year old Crysis still holds the crown and there is not much else in the pipeline except maybe Rage, Project Offset, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, although from the trailers I’ve seen none of these look better than Crysis.

This raises some questions. Have we reached a plateau with graphics? Is what we have “good enough”? If the PC is a barometer of where graphics are heading, as it has been in the past, then things are definitely slowing down. There is a case of diminishing returns as you get closer to photo realism and you don’t need any more power to make the side of a building or a race car track look more realistic than they do now on current technology. But surely there is still a long way to go with animations and rendering people? and physics could still be greatly improved. Maybe it’s just another indicator that the PC is a shadow of it’s former self as a major games platform?

Intel are hoping that their new Larrabee graphics cards will revitalise the market but unless they are blindingly fast and developers get on board with them they will only add to the problem because they have a different architecture to current GPUs which will mean more development costs when making games for them.

I hope we haven’t already had all the great leaps forward in visual fidelity and further improvements prove to be only incremental. I still want to be blown away. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next-gen of consoles to find out how significant the improvements can be.

FAT is the new s l i m

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From DS Fat -> DS Lite -> DSi -> DSi XL - Nintendo have put the beef back on!

Just a quick post. There’s been a lot of talk on the interwebs about the new DSi LL to be known as the DSi XL in the West. And yes, that XL stands for Extra Large. When everybody else from Sony to Apple is obsessed with making everything smaller and smaller Nintendo thinks it’s time to buck that trend and are bringing out a ginourmous new DSi. Comparison images and video here…

One thing I would say is that I would find my iPod Touch much more usable with a slightly larger screen but I would want a significant jump up in resolution to go with it. The pixels must be HUGE on the DSi XL which isn’t seeing any such jump in resolution! However I think the reasoning is sound here and that is that this version of the DSi is aimed at an aging gamer market and this is just another example of Nintendo trying to extend their reach into the untapped partially sighted grandparents market lol I have another name for it – DSi Large Print Edition! 😀

A sign of things to come…

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bliponradar…or just a blip on the radar? A while ago I wrote a few posts about topsy turvy console sales in Japan where, in a very rare state of affairs, the Xbox 360, then the PS3 AND the PSP took it upon themselves to dominate Wii sales albeit for a very very short time. @SpawnSeekSlay said “Call me when this happens in the USA LOLWTFBBQs” 😉

He was right, this was a Japan only trend at the time and a short lived one at that but now it’s happened again, in the US and also in Austrailia. The PS3 outsold BOTH the Wii and the 360 in the US during the launch month of the PS3 “Slim”. And it did this at a time when both the competition also had price cuts. It has also been (to my surprise) the top seller in Australia recently?!

Seeing as all three consoles saw a price drop but the competition still didn’t move the same number of units as Sony could this now indicate more than a short term boost and lead onto Sony finally start closing the sales gap? Who knows and only time will tell.

I think it’s slightly more than just a blip on the radar but I don’t think they’ll ever overtake the Wii or even the Xbox anytime soon but one things for sure, Sony have had a few very good exclusives out this year with more to come in the New Year and that’s surely helping things along. This year we’ve seen several PS3 exclusives released to great critical acclaim. We’ve had InFamous, Killzone 2, Demon’s Souls, Uncharted 2 and the New Ratchet & Clank all released in 2009 and all score 90% or above at IGN. Then there’s Gran Turismo 5, MAG, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles (massively updated from the initial Japanese release), God of War III and The Last Guardian yet to prove themselves next year. If ever there was a time for Sony to start picking up the pace it’s surely going to be on the back of a list of exclusives like that!

Sony PS3 ads FTW!!

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I love the new Sony PS3 Slim commercials. Like the Apple ads they’re funny enough for me to actually want to go go out of my way to watch ’em as they’re generally quite entertaining. OK, some are more win than others but they’re a hell of an improvement on previous efforts in that they actually tell you something about what the PS3 does and in a humorous way that’s a lot less abstrat than previous efforts. Here’s links to all the ones I could find on YouTube. It all started here with this one regarding the price drop…

PS3 $299:

What’s wrong with him?:

Uncharted 2: