Hold onto your jaws, they hurt when they drop :-D

Is it just me or does this look impossibly, incredibly stunning?! The screen shown here is apparently from the PSP version of Gran Turismo?! THE PSP VERSION!? Fot the WUK?! That’s a typo right? Either that or they aren’t in game shots but they are being widely reported as such?! More images here…


5 Responses to “Hold onto your jaws, they hurt when they drop :-D”

  1. My guess is that they’re from an in game cinematic, not actual game engine graphics. More commonly known as bullshots. PSP games have a lot more jaggies (less anti-aliasing) than this.

    • Yeah I know!? WAY more jaggies and yet every man and his dog is reporting otherwise?! Who checks this stuff. For starters there’s no HUD, no jaggies, way to complex and subtle shading, lighting, reflections etc. For a better idea of what it will REALLY look like check this out…

  2. Yeah, that’s more like it! It’s odd that websites promote the the better screenies as “in-game”. Are they dumb, devious, or blinded by the hype?

    • I think a bit of all of the above 🙂 but mostly the latter. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype in the rush to get the headlines out before everyone else does in this day of instant publishing and before you know it 20 sites are reporting fallacy as fact 🙂 In some ways it’s a shameful practice BUT just look at how quickly the commenters keep things in check! They are questioning, researching and fact checking etc. We truly are entering a new era of Journalism, it’s in the comments that the facts usually come out.

  3. roscopct Says:

    The in-game graphics line is very blurry, Nick’s eyesight blurry. (Sorry man, couldn’t resist)

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