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Sony PS3 ads FTW!!

Posted in Game Related with tags , , , on October 25, 2009 by guid0

I love the new Sony PS3 Slim commercials. Like the Apple ads they’re funny enough for me to actually want to go go out of my way to watch ’em as they’re generally quite entertaining. OK, some are more win than others but they’re a hell of an improvement on previous efforts in that they actually tell you something about what the PS3 does and in a humorous way that’s a lot less abstrat than previous efforts. Here’s links to all the ones I could find on YouTube. It all started here with this one regarding the price drop…

PS3 $299:

What’s wrong with him?:

Uncharted 2:





PS3 Slim – worst kept secret in the gaming world?

Posted in Game Related, PS3 with tags , , on August 8, 2009 by phyzznick

Well ive been following this topic over the past month and as time goes on the information, pics, vids just keep coming.
Its easy to speculate but its all adding up to only one thing really, the Slim is coming!!

This things more leaky than the leaky homes debarcle:

-Days ago Sony announce their plan to stop the production of their 80GB PS3. Sony will announce the PS3 Slim and its Gamescom press conference in Cologne on 18 August. That’s just 9 days after the 80GB PS3 stops selling in Japan (News Here)

-Video leaked to YouTube of a possible?probable PS3 (Video here)

-PS3 slim on the German Amazon site.. I actually saw this site myself and now i notice its been removed ? suspicious lol (Site/Pic Here)

Heres a few other Bulletins in case you still dont beleive…
Ars Technica

The planets are aligning…

Posted in PS3 with tags , , , on July 2, 2009 by guid0

alignmentSony works in mysterious ways but I do believe they have a plan and they won’t let anyone bully them into changing that plan* even when the lack of a price drop has brought them under fire from every conceivable angle. They have been saying for a long time now that there will be NO PRICE DROP stating various reasons such as, if you drop the price people expect that and then nobody buys your console until the price drops. This is true but there’s nothing you can do about that. A certain number of people aren’t price sensitive and will buy on day one or soon thereafter but most people are prepared to wait and if you DON’T drop the price they may give up waiting and go elsewhere.

Anyway, they have now come out and said that a price drop will happen once the “factors are aligned” and as far as the rumour trolls can tell the planets in the Sony  Solar System are starting to align. There’s the rumour of the Slim PS3 and the more recent rumour that it has gone into production. There’s the game bundles with current 80GB PS3 said to be clearing out current stock. There’s rumours that the price drop is happening in August which seems to align with these other rumours. Then there’s the  fact that Sony have the E3 game of the show, Uncharted 2, coming later this year and they’ll want to build some momentum in the run up to that date.

More here at Kotaku… Click through to Engadget to see the image of the new PS3 Slim packaging…

They say where there’s smoke there’s fire and now we have our smoke, lots of it. Of course it could all be smoke and mirrors too!? Stay tuned.

*He seriously said that? In a public forum? Usually this sort of stuff goes on behind closed doors. I’m sure he just said so that when the inevitable price drop happens he can go “See, they did cos I told them so!”.

Thoughts about E3 2009

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monkey-thinkingIt’s taken me a few days to pour through all the information from e3 2009. Needless to say it was an impressive show! Apparently the organizers got the balance just right this year – not too big, but not too small. Plus the presentations focused on entertainment not boring numbers and sales stats. I hope it will be the same again next year!

Here is the list of games I was most impressed with that showed actual gameplay:

* Uncharted 2 – Loved the building collapse. Game of the show for me.
* God of War III – Looks to be the same great game with with next-gen polish and even more epicness.
* Assassins Creed 2 – The developers stated they are focused on bringing more variety and better missions than the last game 🙂
* Splinter Cell – Bringing a slew of original new gameplay elements to the stealth action genre.
* Modern Warfare 2 – The snow level looked absolutely stunning.
* Mass Effect 2 – Not much gameplay shown but the trailer looked awesome!
* Alan Wake – Impressive lighting.

Best cinematic trailer:

* StarWars: Old Republic – I’ve heard commentators say this clip is better than all the prequels. I almost agree!

Motion control:

All the hype was for motion control this E3 and it is easy to get excited about the prospect of running around in games like Oblivion unleashing fireballs, swinging swords, firing arrows and picking up items via motion control…. but I’m not buying into it yet. It needs to be a significantly better experience than using a standard controller otherwise it is just a novelty that soon wears off. I have no doubt it will be massively popular with the casual audience as the Wii has proven to be, but I’m still unconvinced that it is the best way to control AAA hardcore titles like God of War, Grand Theft Auto, etc. Still, all it would take is just one killer app to change my mind. Sony mentioned their solution could easily control RTS games which blipped my radar (Blizzard games for PS3!?). If it does become the preferred way to play games it’s going to be harder for developers to release multi-platform games because each of the platforms technology is quite different.


* Dragon Age – It didn’t bring anything new to the table for e3 but I’m still looking forward to it.
* OnLive – No show
* Lack of PC games coverage

Microsoft “wins” E3 2009!

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By most counts Microsoft “won” E3 2009. The shear number of announcements was dizzying. From Project Natal, to  Twitter & Facebook integration (you can take in-game screenshots to post online), to LastFM, Sky & Zune integration, to having the actual Beetles on stage during the Rock Band Beetles unveiling (or represented by their respective partners for those no longer with us), the volume of announcements and hype set the bar ridiculously high. They even had a pretty steller line up of games to go with all the other non game related announcements with Splinter Cell, Forza 3, Left for Dead 2, Alan Wake, Metal Gear Rising and Mass Effect 2 getting plenty of attention! But it was Project Natal, which seems to be an EyeToy like “controller” on steroids that gained the most hype. It proves that even though Nintendo were and still are rubbished for their motion control, motion controls are here to stay. Now that Microsoft and Sony both have camera based solutions soon we’ll all be flapping and waving our way through games.

Overall Microsoft ticked more boxes than people new existed to tick. Still, in possibly the best E3 ever even the “losers” had plenty to show. Sonys internal team, Naughty Dog, demo’d what was considered by many to be the game of the show with Uncharted 2. They showed an incredible action sequence that showed Nathan Drake and his new partner Chloe, making their way through a collapsing building while under heavy attack from a helicopter gunship. The entire building tilts and all it’s contents, protagonists included, start sliding out of it. It was nothing short of incredible. How did these guys go from churning out generic platformers like Crash Bandicoot to producing such stunning action packed, adventure titles like Uncharted?! This title gained more hype than even God of War III, GT5, The Last Guardian, Heavy Rain and MAG which altogether made for a pretty strong showing.

Nintendo even managed to surprise everyone with their Team Ninja fueled Metroid reboot and nobody saw the  2D side scrolling four player and awkwardly titled “New Super Mario Brothers Wii” coming?! Can’t wait for the sequel “New Super Mario Brothers Wii 2”?! They also showed Super Mario Galaxy 2 which was looking even better than ever and is the first time there’s been two 3D Super Mario games in one hardware generation.

So all in all a pretty spectacular show and a great year or two ahead for gamers with all these games and others like Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy XIII and XIV, Assassins Creed 2, White Knight Chronicles, Modern Warfare 2 and much much more coming soon! Here’s 1 Up’s list of the best of E3 2009.

E3 megatons are dropping thick & fast!

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megatonThe megatons are dropping thick and fast at E3 2009. First strike was by Microsoft in a dawn raid that confirmed many rumours and dropped a surprise or two! The MAJOR one being that the next Metal Gear title is coming to the 360! Also FFXIII was shown running and given a rough release date of late 2010. They also showed some tech demos of their new motion sensing camera that seems to be like an enhanced version of Sony’s Eye Toy?! Why they went down this path I will never know? It’s probably the least useful form of motion sensing?! Still it finally let’s them tick the ‘me too’ box on the motion sensing form and Peter Molyneux and Steven Spielberg seem excited about it. Other announcments include getting the ability to download full games like Bioshock, Mass Effect etc. Twitter and Facebook integration are also coming to the NXE dashboard?! Shudder?! :-s and the Zune video store finally coming to New Zealand later this year.

Next up, Sony’s counter attack which isn’t until tomorrow. Will they have anything big enough to counter losing Metal Gear exclusivity? I doubt it. It would take them getting the next Halo game to come even close?! Which they aren’t because the next Halo game was also announced at the Microsoft conference. No word on whether Metal Gear is exclusive to Xbox 360 but it was announced first for 360 which is big enough.

Nintendo’s conference is also tomorrow. Will they announce Wii HD? Probably not. Zelda Wii. More likely. New Mario. Surely. Anything else is worse than conjecture as Nintendo haven’t let ANYTHING leak prior to E3. They tell no one nothing!

UPDATE: Microsofts motion sensor has a few tricks up it’s sleeve like emotion sensing (smile recognition) head tracking (control the camera by looking left and right) and voice control/recognition. It all sounds very cool but we will have to wait and see if it’s integrated into real games or if it’s a case of “welcome to mini game hell” like on the Wii?! Although the Wii mote has proven very capable at controlling 3rd person shooters in particular, it’s the IR pointing and analogue stick doing all the leg work, not the motion sensing. Time will tell. Here’s an excellent overview of the day by the guys from NZ Gamer…

Need a good read?

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Heres a few links to a few quick reads, some quite interesting actually, things i did not know!
Most of it pretty obvious stuff and shit you’d just expect. A bit MS bias in a way, dont even know how i got to look at them, think they were ‘related links’ from one of the posts here or the guido one.

Microsoft: No Xbox 360 Successor Anytime Soon
Microsoft: Blu-ray Never Coming To Xbox 360
More Humiliation For Sony: PS3 R&D Funds Helped Build The Xbox
Microsoft Brags Xbox Beat The PS3 3-to-1 In Black Friday Sales, Pretends The Wii Doesn’t Exist

Thanks for the links… Here’s another. This one doesn’t mention anything Xbox related 😉

Some of the features coming to Home soon…