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A sign of things to come…

Posted in Game Related with tags , , , on October 30, 2009 by guid0

bliponradar…or just a blip on the radar? A while ago I wrote a few posts about topsy turvy console sales in Japan where, in a very rare state of affairs, the Xbox 360, then the PS3 AND the PSP took it upon themselves to dominate Wii sales albeit for a very very short time. @SpawnSeekSlay said “Call me when this happens in the USA LOLWTFBBQs” 😉

He was right, this was a Japan only trend at the time and a short lived one at that but now it’s happened again, in the US and also in Austrailia. The PS3 outsold BOTH the Wii and the 360 in the US during the launch month of the PS3 “Slim”. And it did this at a time when both the competition also had price cuts. It has also been (to my surprise) the top seller in Australia recently?!

Seeing as all three consoles saw a price drop but the competition still didn’t move the same number of units as Sony could this now indicate more than a short term boost and lead onto Sony finally start closing the sales gap? Who knows and only time will tell.

I think it’s slightly more than just a blip on the radar but I don’t think they’ll ever overtake the Wii or even the Xbox anytime soon but one things for sure, Sony have had a few very good exclusives out this year with more to come in the New Year and that’s surely helping things along. This year we’ve seen several PS3 exclusives released to great critical acclaim. We’ve had InFamous, Killzone 2, Demon’s Souls, Uncharted 2 and the New Ratchet & Clank all released in 2009 and all score 90% or above at IGN. Then there’s Gran Turismo 5, MAG, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles (massively updated from the initial Japanese release), God of War III and The Last Guardian yet to prove themselves next year. If ever there was a time for Sony to start picking up the pace it’s surely going to be on the back of a list of exclusives like that!


Sales figure myths busted

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In the previous discussion about exclusives and in other conversations and on the interwebs in general I get the impression that people (including me) think the PS3 is tanking sales wise. Being one that loves to play with fire I thought I’d google it and see how things are really weighing up. It seems that things are not what they seem and according to the official sales figures found here the PS3 isn’t doing so bad after all, especially taking into account the year head start the 360 had?! In fact they’re doing quite well and even selling slightly more consoles per quarter on average that the 360 is!? So why does this myth exist? Who’s propagating it and why? These questions I can’t answer but I can put the figures into a lovely graph format so you can see what’s really going on. The truth is out there… you just have to google it 😉


Consider this myth busted and just move on ;-)

Consider this myth busted and just move on 😉 Interestingly the Gamecube did almost as well as the original XBOX and the PSP has sold 50 million units?!? I'm bustin' myths left, right and centre!! 😉

Here’s a lovely graph that Nick linked to in a comment that I thought belonged in the actual post. It shows a fairly tight race for second place with Sony struggling to keep up at the end there which reflects the 360 Christmas price drop.

This graph shows the cumulative hardware sales for each platform from the release date of the PS3 onwards. Click the image to go to the live graph for the latest figures..

This graph shows the cumulative hardware sales for each platform from just before the release date of the PS3 onwards. Click this image to go to the live graph for the latest figures...

It will be interesting to follow it through 2009. If Sony are doing this well with a console at twice the price of the 360 (arcade version) how well could they do with a price drop?! Maybe it’s not worth the losses on each console sold for them to match the price but I think they will do something as they are already doing several different game pack in deals and surely it’s a small step form there to an actual $100 price drop? The current deal is $747 with $120 worth of games packed in (two Platinum titles of your choice). Time will tell.