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Gamersite is up and running but…

Posted in Game Related with tags , , , , , on February 1, 2009 by phyzznick

of course you know what im going to say..

Its in   “BETA”!!


Well this HOME page w posts will just be for chat about preferably ps3/360 games , about trailers, reviews on up and comers, links, and just general chit chat. Like hams trailer post below.

4 other pages are set up w:

Gamercards of us all

Playfire sites, only myself and ham have signed up, u others can if u like, dont have too, and add link to the page

Other 2 pages are for reviews of games we have! or have fully played. Review them if u like and add screenshots or pics or wot ever. there will be no comments on these pages, we will keep them clean w just our reviews. More than one person can review a game, maybe just have the game title, game pic then user name then review, then other persons username and review straight underneath, u get my drift anyway.

Should make for a nice addition…