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Next-generation “cloud” technology could change videogames forever

Posted in Game Related with tags , , , , on March 24, 2009 by blair0

I don’t want to over-hype this, just read these links

“Before I dive into what OnLive is and how it works, let me start by saying that you should read every word of this article as this service has the potential to completely change the way games are played. If it works and gets proper support from both publishers and gamers, you may never need a high-end PC to play the latest games, or perhaps even ever buy a console again. That is not an exaggeration.” IGN

“You may never buy a new video card ever again. Actually, the only PC gaming hardware you might ever need will cost you less than a Wii, should OnLive’s potential live up to its promise.” Kotaku

“Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, look out. Your traditional video game console business model may be in danger.
It’s too early to tell how much danger, of course, but a start-up called OnLive announced a brand-new game distribution system Monday night that, if it works as planned, could change the games game forever.”

The concept of cloud computing isn’t new and has been in the news a lot lately. The astonishing news for me is that they’re bringing a gaming version of it out this year!! (end of 2009)……and they’ve addressed the lag issue!! They say a 1.5 mbps connection is required for standard-definition video (480p), while a 5.0 mbps connection is required for HD (720p). I have to say I’m still totally skeptical about that. Those speeds are low! The concept is brilliant and the fact that the technology is available NOW really surprises me. There is also the issue of data caps. The way it works with streaming video, I imagine 30GB per month limits would be chewed through pretty quickly!! However the internet is only going to get faster (even in NZ) and I really think this could be the future of gaming on the tech side of things. It would take care of all the hardware problems and could be the “one console” solution that publishers have been dreaming of. Nintendo make good money on their hardware so I’m not sure if they would be so keen to join in. In fact the main problem I see if it really takes off is that the big players would want a piece of the pie and start up their own cloud services. The console wars would just shift to a different space and you would have to subscribe to all of them if you wanted to play all the exclusive games. This would be the opposite scenario to the “one console” solution for consumers. If it was easy to set up, XboxLive and PSN could morph into cloud services and be joined by Steam and Impulse. But even if that happened it would still mean the end of endless PC upgrades and buying a new console every five years. The processing power in the clouds would be upgraded to produce better and better games instead. Exciting times!!

OnLive controller and MicroConsole

OnLive controller and MicroConsole

menu screen

menu screen


Gamersite is up and running but…

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of course you know what im going to say..

Its in   “BETA”!!


Well this HOME page w posts will just be for chat about preferably ps3/360 games , about trailers, reviews on up and comers, links, and just general chit chat. Like hams trailer post below.

4 other pages are set up w:

Gamercards of us all

Playfire sites, only myself and ham have signed up, u others can if u like, dont have too, and add link to the page

Other 2 pages are for reviews of games we have! or have fully played. Review them if u like and add screenshots or pics or wot ever. there will be no comments on these pages, we will keep them clean w just our reviews. More than one person can review a game, maybe just have the game title, game pic then user name then review, then other persons username and review straight underneath, u get my drift anyway.

Should make for a nice addition…