Why Wii?

I recently saw some adverts, can’t remember whether they were TV or print, that were giving away a Nintendo Wii with a Full HD TV?

Why? What’s there reasoning? A non-HD console (or at least the lowest def console) with a full HD TV? Just doesn’t make sense!

Are Nintendo Wii’s cheap at the moment? Do they have surplus?

Why not a PS3 Slim or an Arcade 360?

I’m not knocking the Wii, it’s a very cool console, but why with an HD Tv?


3 Responses to “Why Wii?”

  1. Lol, yeah that’s a fail. PS3 is the logical console to bundle in because of the BluRay. Maybe they made a deal with Nintendo for some cheap Wii’s?

  2. Its with the Panasonic Plasmas between the $2000-$2500+ mark at a few retailers. Bound to be a deal between Panasonic & Nintendo for xmas.
    Not a bad idea, most numbnutz probably dont even know the Wii isnt HD, and probably wont even notice the difference, they just want the TV, and hey u get a free Wii for the kids, just another good reason to convince the missus or wife on why u ‘need’ to upgrade.

  3. Haha!! That’s hilarious and sad at the same time. To be fair, if you’re after an HD TV and you want your Wii to look as good as it can in all it’s 480p glory a Panasonic Plasma is your best bet by far (LCD is too “harsh” and really emphasizes the “jaggies”) but really a PS3 would be a much better match?!? Although as @SpawnSeekSlay says, they’re gonna sell a crap-ton of them if only because of the Xmas factor!

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