FAT is the new s l i m


From DS Fat -> DS Lite -> DSi -> DSi XL - Nintendo have put the beef back on!

Just a quick post. There’s been a lot of talk on the interwebs about the new DSi LL to be known as the DSi XL in the West. And yes, that XL stands for Extra Large. When everybody else from Sony to Apple is obsessed with making everything smaller and smaller Nintendo thinks it’s time to buck that trend and are bringing out a ginourmous new DSi. Comparison images and video here…

One thing I would say is that I would find my iPod Touch much more usable with a slightly larger screen but I would want a significant jump up in resolution to go with it. The pixels must be HUGE on the DSi XL which isn’t seeing any such jump in resolution! However I think the reasoning is sound here and that is that this version of the DSi is aimed at an aging gamer market and this is just another example of Nintendo trying to extend their reach into the untapped partially sighted grandparents market lol I have another name for it – DSi Large Print Edition! 😀


3 Responses to “FAT is the new s l i m”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    I know im going blind but in all honesty I do find the DS screens too small, but even with the mild increase Id still prefer the PSP or iTouch screen.
    Bit weird they bring this out some months after the DSi release? Maybe they are taking a note from Apple Ipods, which isnt necessarily good.

  2. I like the size increase. Now if they could just keep this form factor and greatly increase the resolution and processing power they’d have a (another) winner. All these rehash versions of the handhelds are beginning to piss me off.

    It feels like I’ve been waiting years for someone to actually announce a brand new system, but it’s obviously a huge and somewhat risky undertaking to launch a new platform. Unfortunately it’s more profitable for the companies to just milk every last drop out of old tech….boring!

  3. And it’s BROWN!? What the f? Are they REALLY trying to make it like the old dual screen Donkey Kong handhelds. Amanda and Rochelle had one of those, it was the ducks nuts at the time!

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