Which Borderlands Class Are You?

BorderlandsWell this will be my first official game buy for the PS3 excluding the PS3 itself and whatever is bundled with it.
Now ive been watching alll the trailers and caught the review but I still didnt really know what the characters and classes were…. so I looked them up!
Heres a link to a nice little review of the classes in short terms! And good for me because the reviewer often compared them to World of Warcraft classes lol

Now the discussion on who should play who, doesnt really matter because you can play anyone but initially i think its important to start the class you should specialize in to level up throughout primarily and master it.
My opinion is based on looking at all 4 of our playing styles, or from what ive seen of you all, and on the fact that Guido and I (and ross?) will be playing 2 player Co-op often.
Since its a FPS and plays like an RPG it would make sense to play it like how you manage combinations in Warcraft. If you have a Tank and a Healer then your set to handle any obstacle… so thats where I see me and Guido… With BRICK the Berserker (TANK) and ROLAND the combat soldier (OFF/DEF/HEALER)… and since Im more of a Run-and-Gun playstyle the berserker aka shock trooper maybe destined for me (im less likely to die with more HP and shields lol), and Ham could be the Paladin type jack of all trades with solid offense, defence and healing powers…. lol now that im writing this I wanna play the paladin lol WAAAH!!
The other 2 are the damage causers or in Warcraft we call them the DPS (damage per second). MORDEKAI the sniper may suit RealmEnder, because in GoW he was a good sniper (but not as good as me of course lol) and he gets flustered when getting ganked so would be good to keep him at the distance doing the uber headshots.. plus he wears spandex gimp gear so theres another reason why blair may suit him lol jk. That leaves LILITH the thief style character, with her wicked invisibility special talent (that does damaging shockwave to all enemies when entering or exiting invis!!) and if u gank an enemy from behind while invis u do 3-4x more damage… Rogues where certainly the best characters to have in PvP and most annoying when fighting them! SO Roscopct would suit the little inconspicuous invis assassin character that can run in and out of combat at will and turn invis to gank an enemy from behind (especially if its on me… kill stealer rosco lol) or turn invis and do the bolt towards Roland to heal or get protection behind his magic super turret…
If you want to have a look at the skill trees from each character from Borderlands check this, Its similar to WoW.
Anyway what does everyone think?
I wanna play them all! Its just floating ideas/opinions so if u dont wanna play as someone I will, happy to swap! lol


20 Responses to “Which Borderlands Class Are You?”

  1. That sounds pretty good! As you say anyone can play as whomever but if you want to truly kick arse then it’d rule to have a balanced team where everyone specializes and supports one another. MEDIC!! πŸ™‚

    • Well Im sure with how much u and i will play this we will level all classes through the roof.
      Im gathering the game plays that you can import any leveled up saved character to any game? Im hoping it works this way.
      I think BRICK and LILITH will be the strong online PvP characters. But in Team style PvP or Co-op will certainly need a good balance and ROLAND will be mega key in that.

  2. I hope the game has big bosses that need perfect strategy to beat like in WoW. Thats were Co-Op will be awesome….
    But I have a feeling this maybe just swarms of enemies like a Horde or Firefight type scenario.
    Need to look around and see if theres any video or trailers of teams fighting a massive boss?!
    Im getting waay to worked up for this… lol

    • I’m pretty damn sure there’s some pretty big bosses in this game. I remember seeing at least one pic of some gargantuan screen filling boss that towered over everyone. I would say you would need to use everybodys skills to take down something so huge but a rocket and explosives expert would probably be most useful. I came very close to picking up a copy! I hope it doesn’t go UP in price?! I see that you can trade in two games at EB and get it for $9.95?!?!

  3. All the classes sound pretty good and I’d want to give them all a try. I heard it can be quite difficult playing as a sniper until you’re leveled up a bit, but it would probably suit my play style so yeah it’s what I’d play as. BOOM HEADSHOT!!

    • Yeah sniper maybe hard in single player due to lowest Health out of all characters, but in a co-op im sure he’ll be a superstar. Probably headshot most of them before i can get close enough to melee them.
      Brick sounds the most boring to me, from what i can see in the skill tree, he truly is just a barrier i think. Skills are in Melee (Fists) and Explosives (grenades and rocket launcher). I watched a video of brick in berserker mode and it looked average, maybe better in a swarm otherwise most things just look easer to shoot dead, doesnt seem to take long, quicker than running and punching them in normal or berserker mode.
      I think Lilith might be the most fun one to play as…
      Anyway when i get it ill certainly play them all and hold my real judgement till then.

  4. I’m picking myself as the paladin-type class, and Ham as the Sniper. He always loved sniping, and he’s quote good at it. Blair would make a good thief style character, SURPRISE! GANK!
    Saw it cheap at The Warehouse ($83.60 for the record) and was very interested in the single-player element too.
    It will happen, but not just yet.

    • phyzznick Says:

      3 have agreed, your the only 1 not to. The Soldier/Paladin will be 1 of the most critical characters in the Co-op, so you would need to be super onto it and fast, because if your not the team will die. Think you would be upto it in a boss fight? I would only trust myself or Hamish with it really, not to sound nasty or anything but you and blair do get flustered lol and can be a bit uncoordinated in that style of game (no malice intended)… so thats why i made those choices in my opinion.
      We will all play all the characters in co-op, but if we are going to get through the co-op to the end with the least amount of frustration your better putting the on-to-it players on the critical toons.
      Anyway they’re all just opinions in a game and system i dont even have yet lol.
      Id be more interested in playing LILITH the thief to be honest. But for the team i think id be suited more to BRICK or ROLAND.

      • phyzznick Says:

        Ok Will put Ross on ROLAND, Blair on BRICK, and me and hamish on the fun DPS toons, me on LILITH and ham on MORD.
        Sounds great to me πŸ˜€

  5. LB RB!! LB RB!! lol

    You’re right. My skirmishes often degenerate into a button mashing clusterfuck, or should that be flusterfuck? πŸ˜‰ But to be fair, it’s usually on FNG sessions where it’s quick 10 min bouts of pass the controller, playing unfamiliar new or rented games.
    Rosco and I might take a bit longer to get our flow on but I think we’ll hold our own once we’re in the groove.
    Just thought I’d mention that, but actually I agree with your point. You guys should do most of the heavy lifting. I’ll be happy just going along for the ride and I’m going to have fun barking at you through the headset if you screw up πŸ˜€

    • phyzznick Says:

      LOL i like your use of words πŸ˜›
      I agree with your pass the controller point… πŸ™‚
      Im only basing the suggestion on the fact of my WoW Co-op experience, but im not familiar with the characters really. I would think they would be all balanced enough that you should be able to 3 player co-op without the healer?? not sure??
      In WoW u NEED a tank and NEED a healer… in Borderlands im not sure yet whether u NEED a certain character to increase ur chances of survival.
      From the trailers ive watched I havent seen any hard-out strategic type coordination.. so unsure if its needed.. It maybe like Gears of War where u all just keep on the move, take cover and gank where possible, and resurrect when ur comrades fall.
      If Brick and Roland are the NEEDED characters I just suggested it to be myself and Ham since we will have the most experience with them and the game and u 2 can just come in in your ‘pass the controller’ action and have fun without anyone getting frustrated that someone isnt doing their important job fast enough or properly… beleive me seeeen it allll before in WoW lol

      Anyway if only myself and Ham have the game, Blair may come to my house to split screen and Ross go to Hams to split screen so we can 4player co-op (seen it done) and yell at each other in the mics lol
      Good times to come!!

      • I’d say you definitely have more “Mad Skillz” than I do lol We may need you at the helm with the rest of us playing as healers to keep you alive lol Sounds like you me and Ross are all set to get a copy in the New Year’ish. Just need RealmEnder to commit to getting a PS3 and we’ll be in business! But as you say split screen is def an option.

  6. Here’s a great run down of the different skillz treez!!
    From what they say you should be able to easily max out one to the top tier and them some before levelling up to the cap which I think is level 50?!

    • LOL hey dumby, look at the post, see the SKILL TREES link i put? It goes to the same one πŸ˜› lol
      Just only read sections of it, didnt like the layout, used to the skill tree pics and mouseover info of WoW skill tree info sites.
      But if this is the same one u were reading last night ill give it more of a thorough look πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, it is the one I was reading the other night lol. You didn’t say you’d seen / read it already πŸ˜€ I was gonna email / tweet it to ya but I thought it might as well go here. You did too apparently!!? πŸ™‚

  7. phyzznick Says:

    Well after playing Betalands last night… I realized 4 things…
    1. its a grind
    2. its hard
    3. needs GOOD teamwork
    4. that i have no clue what character i want as my main lol

    • 1. it’s a grind – yeah, I don’t think we were prepared enough for the battles we fought towards the end?! We were getting an arse kicking!!
      2. its hard – see above
      3. needs GOOD teamwork – needs GR8 teamwork! but then that’s what it’s all about
      4. that i have no clue what character i want as my main lol – I will prob end up being roland with a tooled up shotty and a sniper rifle as my main weapons with an SMG as my third. you were kicking some arse as the brick but I think that from my short time playing Lilith she would actually be quite fun and she would be lethal once you got used to spamming her melee LOL

      Fights would go like this. Snipe from afar, move in and drop a turret for some cover fire, phaseshift up to the enemy and daze the fuckers, once they’re dazed and confused the Brick goes up and smacks them down! Rinse and repeat! Of course it’s not that easy when there’s a 1/2 dozen of them and they’re all major bullet sponges but then there’s no major penalty to death as long as you don’t all die at the same time and have to start again. Minus all your ammo as that doesn’t replenish.

  8. phyzznick Says:

    I agree with your idea of tactics, its what i was thinking except would save rolands turret till last for when liliths phaseshift and bricks berserk are finished so could have coverfire when they roll back and for them to recharge there action ability and also recharge health and ammo from the turret after the bombardment and retreat..

    Yeah im mainly tossing up between Brick and Lilith, Lilith would be crazy running fun. But Brick would be a bullet sponge as plan to go down Tank tree, not the brawler tree like the skill tree webpage said. Id also be shotgun as main weapon as that is wot he starts with he is close combat tank so im hoping to take most of the rounds for that? maybe u should use assault rifle like wot u start with? id also have snipe rifle as third weapon for the initial shots but quickly change on the charge so wont need to be a priority for the better rifles or ammo. as for 2nd weapon to the shotgun… im undecided but later on im hoping it to be the RPG/rocket launcher when available.

    • Yeah, I thought about that after I wrote that comment, that it would be better to drop the turret later. I also realised that as the up close and personal guy Brick would better suited to the shotgun so I would probably leave that out altogether or add it in later on as the third weapon. I agree it’s best to play the characters as they are intended otherwise it’s just too hard and also makes it a no brainer to divvy up the ammo if everybody is using a different weapon set.

  9. Ok tactics sorted, just need to put into practice lol easier said than done πŸ™‚

    How we going to do the games and characters?
    1 game with you and I
    1 game with you, me and ross
    1 game with you and ross??
    1 game with you, me, ross and blair

    dunno if you can play the same character in each game? think has to be new character for a new save/playthrough?
    Or u could but cant do the quests… just get money and kill xp i think untill u get to the same point/quest? but i wonder if that somehow interferes with your character playthrough?? shit im confusing myself lol

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