BETA Shopping List (this list is beta as! beware of glitching)

Well what better way to do a shopping list of all the gaming tech (so I dont forget) than to blogify it!
It will be impossible for me to make a list with any sort of chronological style because unlike the pre-order king guido, I wait for the deals and impulse buy…
Well here goes my Pre-Xmas/Xmas/Boxing Day/New Year and beyond beta as list of things I need!! (not want but neeeeed!! to fuel the appetite!)

Brain Power!

Spawns New Alpha Brain!

Spawns New Alpha Brain!

Well my first purchase is a better Brain CPU/Mega Fan Combo to handle these purchases and the gaming ahead, the current setup is so beta it cant even handle NobyNobyBoy gameplay… fuck!? how is it going to handle Borderlands? Modern Warfare2? jeez the brain is flipping out already at the thought of the brain system resources required to handle it!! BSOD/Faint anyone?! So Ill soon welcome you to Spawns New Alpha Brain v1.0 (Ex-Beta)! 50% better brain processor speed, double the RAM and a Duel fan system upgrade for half price! deal!


2 Down - 1 to go - PS3 coming!

2 Down - 1 to go - PS3 coming!

Well with some great deals out at the moment and I bet more coming for xmas Im sure ill end up with one before xmas, before i even have a 1080p TV to play it on… fuckn beta as! but oh well gotta get the deal when the deals on! Maybe there will be a TV unbeatable sale before xmas, but usually better after? in NY? or have I got this wrong? fuckn brain processor is glitching as we speak, Hard drive headache going nutz and eyeball system has stopped/frozen… thank fuck for the upgrade coming… this is bullshit!!


Probably nearly have it all already!! lol

Probably nearly have it all already!! lol

Have the Bachelors wicked entertainment couch!! but i just feel like I need something else??? Well what more do I need? How about a TV capable of keep up with my new brain capabilities! Dont need some piece of beta shite blowing a pixel on the final boss just because it cant keep up with my 24inch python arms and ripping abs (fuck ive been listening to Brucie on GTA4 waaaay too much!!). Rightie hoe this large investment is giving me the shits! ok literally i think i need to go for a shit… ok back… where was I? oh yeah.. fuck big questions here. Do i go Sony? Samsung? Panasonic? does it really matter?, Do i go LCD? Plasma? LED? once again does it really matter?, What amount is good to spend but not stupid? $4000 overdoing it? And whens the best time to wait to get the best deal? prexmas? boxing day? NY sales? After the NY?… At the moment im liking the look of the Samsung, but think i should go Sony because most of my entertainment is Sony… but im going new and fresh here so that doesnt matter, but am getting a PS3 so could use the bravia sync on it.. or probably never use the option really lol. Am going 46inch at this stage, 1080p obviously, 100hz minimum (most newish ones are, newer are 200hz), Was thinking plasma due to the better contrast ratio, I feel it gives a richer picture of highlights and shadows in the picture, LCDs can look bland on colour, but less problems/risk with them? and less power comsumption. Ok I better stop before my brain literally goes BSOD/RROD/YLOD! What do you guys think?


I will finally join the FNG group who touch themselves way too much!

I will finally join the FNG group who touch themselves way too much!

Well as the caption says Ill finally be joining you all with this new toy… will be getting the 3rd generation version… but as far as I know the 8gb doesnt have the 50% faster processor… anyone know? And with no 16gb Ill have to take the step up to the 32gb id say. If this is the case I wont be buying one immediately unless a Hong Kong friend can get one cheaper but they seem the same price worldwide.. damn Apple! So with a Ps3 coming, a new TV coming that will literally rip my wallet a new asshole I think the Touch will be pushed back a bit… Oh well will be left out again as will just be taking the DS camping again this year when u all are Touching lol

Games & Accessories

Ill be safe @ home now when playing crazy fuckn americans in Borderlands! Im ready for u you fuckn sugared up yankie 12yr old muther f*ckrs!!

Ill be safe @ home now when playing crazy fuckn americans in Borderlands! Im ready for u you fuckn sugared up yankie 12yr old muther f*ckrs!!

Im so getting one of these vests! I can see myself on my couch.. 3metres away from my 46″ Screen playing a FPS multiplayer! Im so going to PWN some ass wearing this.. I maybe fuckin ‘beta as’ in FPS online multiplayer but shit ill look the fuckin business doing it!!
Well havent talked about games yet? jesus this is a gaming site, did you really think id be leaving that out? My god where to start!?!?! Well 360 is going to be my RPG console at the moment (excluding Gears of War, exclusives and random bargain bin games), have still got both Condemned 1 and 2 to go, and just ordered Star Ocean. Others that will be certain will be Dragon Age:Origins (getting way too hyped for this!!) and Mass Effect 2… and I dont really wanna think about anything else as yet as that will take me awhile to finish them up inbetween PS3 bits n bobs. Onto PS3… this will be my FPS console of choice… Borderlands will be a certainty in the NY!, MW2 will be too but most likely pre-owned id say, 6-8hr campaign + MP isnt worth $150!. And well Guido has enough games that ill never catch up, and the thought sickens me lol, May get Fallout3 GOTY, and may get Dragon Age:Origins on PS3 if it truely is epic! oh and i have to platinum WipeOutHD if its the last thing i do on this planet, that mutherf*cken game is going DOWN!! Man i do feel like Steroid junkie Brucie from GTA4 lol Listening to Metallica at the moment probably isnt helping with my anger management either lmao.

Well that completes the BETA As Shopping List.. more to come probably in Beta v1.1 patch update!

Patch v1.1 Update
Well as i said its beta as, yes there is a patch within 24 hours of release of the post… not much different to alot of the games out there, or the ps3 😛
Ok so other NEEDS:
1) Internet connection… with who? have to find out whos best in Brighton area. Heard Telecom no good there?
2)Wireless Modem/Router… will just go the G type, no point of N?? Any brand better than any other?
3) Headset and clipon keypad… well sony have pulled a microsoft here with there pricing thats for sure… $70 each? lol May just keep the bluetooth headset I got with my UK phone.. if i can find it, its in a box… somewhere.

Wow nearly 1200 words in this post… must have been on the Red Bulls last night!


9 Responses to “BETA Shopping List (this list is beta as! beware of glitching)”

  1. Jesus christ man?!? Lay off the red bulls lol that post was beta as!! 😀 Haven’t got much I can add other than I’d go for a 120hz TV cos it can handle two times 60 frames per second which I think is required for 3D gaming (to run at 60 frames per eye per second)!?! Then you need the 3D glasses?! Don’t forget you also need a decent Internet connection with modem/router so you can enjoy the free online gaming on the PS3. And if you’re online gaming you’ll need your own copies of uncharted 2 & borderlands. Co-op online freakin rules!! Some sort of headset is a must have item for that! Uncharted 2 co-op with 3 players is intense and fun with a capital F!!! the headsets rule for planning your attack, calling out for help etc! You could just get the PS3 camera and then you’ll be set for video chat and sony’s motion wands and head tracking etc into the deal. Hope Santa is real generous this year!!!! 😀

    • phyzznick Says:

      How do i tell if a TV is 120Hz? they all just say 100hz motionflow or 200hz motionflow, 200hz is pushing the price a bit and 3d gaming is pointless right now except avatar.
      Most TVs here are PAL 50hz stock standard, NTSC usually is 60hz so think the 120hz thing is based on NTSC TV, PAL may only need 100hz for 3d FX… then again its probably the Japan/US market making the game… so we are screwed really.

      Yup am working on the internet connection, still dont know whos best in new brighton area yet…

      Will add wireless modem/router to the new patch notes 🙂

      Of course will get own copies! lol Borderlands is a certainty depending on reviews… dunno about UC2 tho because u all may have moved on by the time i get it lol might be platinum by xmas anyway 🙂

      Already got a Bluetooth headset… somewhere… i got one free w my phone in the UK.
      Would like to get the PS3 official headset and clip on keypad but $140+ for both is pretty steep.

      • You may be right about the 100hz vs 120hz thing? I dunno myself. But saying that you’re not sure about 3D is like saying a year or two ago that you’re not sure about HD. It’s where things are going. Sure this year there’s only the one game but I would bet by the end of next year most games will support it. Sony has demo’d several of it’s games in 3D already including Wipeout, Motorstorm and Gran Turismo and all it’s TVs next year will support 3D as I assume most other manufacturers TVs will. They’ll be labeled “3D ready” or some such just as TVs are labeled HD now.

        You can always borrow my Uncharted if you want to play through the single player and if we’re “past it” as you say. But one thing I will say is that so far it’s the most fun Iv’e had in an online game. The co-op is killer! Good thing you have a blu-tooth headset. If you remember next time to bring it around we’ll test it out and see if it works. No point getting the Sony one if yours is fine?? I’m still tempted to get the keyboard but at the mo I just keep a USB keyboard behind the TV for those occasions I need it.

  2. You’re right about the pricing of those two peripherals?! But it’s somewhat offset by the fact that they support any Bluetooth or USB headset and Bluetooth and USB keyboards. Also the camera apparently makes a great “headset” with it’s array of four noise cancelling mics. The camera is a good option because although only a few games support it now in any way it’s going to become pivotal to Sony’s answer to Natal (head tracking, voice recognition, augmented reality games etc) and the Wii mote (will be required to track the “motion wands”). It’s also cheaper than the official Sony headset and is going to be bundled a lot in upcoming software and hardware releases.

    • phyzznick Says:

      Yeah its true that at least Sony have offset it by allowing external peripherals through bluetooth and USB unlike MS i guess.
      Yeah Im sure the Eyepet w Camera will be bundled in the Xmas bundle deals.
      Anyway as you said they will be using it for upcoming things and from what ur’v made me read sounds like the mic and its abilitys are pretty sound, So i think you’ve slowly pushed me into the PS3 Eye… damn peer pressure! lol
      Just hope that this is it and they dont come out with a better camera in the next year or two thats is needed for the Natal style things.

      • Nah, I doubt it a lot. The current camera can do all they need it to do already. They have had the stuff running like head tracking, voice recognition and such for ages. A lot of it’s built on top of the stuff they did last gen with the EyeToy. The only thing is they haven’t implimented it in many games?! Don’t know why other than a chicken and egg thing where nobody owns the camera cos no games support it but then no games support it cos nobody owns the camera?! Going to be interesting to see how Microsoft get everyone to upgrade to Natal. I’m guesssing loads of marketing!

  3. Keep an eye out for home theatre bundles as well. They sometimes have deals with TV, PS3, and sound systems in a discount package. You should be able to haggle on price if you get it all from the same store anyway. You’re going to be busy… fun, fun, fun!

    • Yeah they did a few bundles start of the year which was really good, almost too good, but the TVs usually mid to lower-end than what im aiming, can only hope and dream that something will come at the perfect time.

      Problem is all timing, do I buy a good xmas games bundle or wait into the NY when im about to move into new house and when a Home Theatre bundle maybe comes out similar to this year… coz the NY games bundles arent usually as good as the Xmas bundles I found with the 360, because I coulda got a better one at xmas than in early January

  4. Are you sure your Beta list is complete? What about some new eyes? Bit crazy sitting two feet from your nice new screen cos you can’t see it otherwise.
    C’mon, join us other four-eyed fish!!

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