I am the Noby Noby Boy™ master! :-D

I finally got all the trophies in Noby Noby Boy™ tonight! I had to look some of them up because there was NO way you would even fluke some of them. For example you get one for uploading a length of precisely 765m?!? Usually you upload something in the thousands so you could say you have a one in several thousand chance of hitting that number except that you don’t normally bother to upload such a piddly amount. Another one required you to eat precisely and ONLY the letters NOBY NOBY BOY in the in-game user manual?! One additional letter before or after and you don’t get the trophy. I love the fact that you can EAT the user manual!!

I also got a trophy for making my head smaller than my arse lol I used the inbuilt youtube uploading feature so you can see how rediculous this looks!!

I also discovered that you can take screen shots in game. I wish every game had this feature! Some do but not enough although it’s getting more common. Here’s one that shows you that Noby Noby Boy™ isn’t all about Nobs lol Check out the tits on that chick! They’re huge and yes, Noby Noby Boy™ has jiggle physics!! LOL

Team Ninja would be proud!

Team Ninja would be proud!


3 Responses to “I am the Noby Noby Boy™ master! :-D”

  1. Hehe… I know you wrote this post just for SpawnSeekSlay – he’ll love it! 😀

    • phyzznick Says:

      I was over there on tues when we played Fallout3, and I wanted more NobyBoy trophies, so we tried a few 😛 , in fact when I got home I was also looking up with guido and texting him the other achievements that were secret ie 765m.

      Now onto Wipeout, will have to wait for my Slim for that though.

  2. I too have Nobyed. I am one with the way of Noby.

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