We have a “hit” blog post

Well according to the WordPress stats, the interwebz went crazy for our blog during August. It seems to be all down to Spawns post about the PS3 Slim. Traffic was averaging about 300 hits per month since the blog started but spiked up to over 10,000 in August, that’s a big jump! It is dipping down again now. Kudos to SpawnSeekSlay for igniting some traffic….you were probably lucky with the timing, lets see if you can do it again? lol

Spike in traffic during August on FNG

Spike in traffic during August on FNG

4 Responses to “We have a “hit” blog post”

  1. lol WOOT!
    Yeah i saw this a few weeks back when I noticed our blogsite hits was about 12000 and thought this was a lot and so went in and had a look and saw it was my post that was getting 2k a day hits over a few days… was meant to tell ya all but forgot lol
    How exciting tho 🙂

  2. What the hell??!! You mean other people read this shit??!! LOL Well done on pulling in those insane numbers!? RANDOM?!?

    • Did you not know?? lol
      I think all the hits are from outer space because its not counting our own visits according to the stats log.
      So we have had like 13000+ views of all our (basically most of ur posts u serialposterer!, and a heap to one of mine) right ups 🙂
      Its called ‘tags’ so thats why its important to put them in when u make a post, so search engines find them and lead the poor individual here lol

  3. Wahoo! Go us!

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