Ghosts blurry on the PS3?

GhostbustersHeard an interesting article on one of my podcasts – apparently the makers of Ghostbusters have released a patch for the PS3 that ups the resolution to match the 360 version?! Weird! What an admission of crappiness that is! “Oh, sorry guys, here’s a patch that makes it look like it should’ve when we released it” Duh! I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this before. The interesting discussion this brings up is that the consensus on the podcast was that no-one seems to be playing this game any more, it’s off the radar already. It seems to me that the lifespan for games is just getting shorter and shorter, there are more hardcore gamers out there who complete games in days instead of months, and there’s more and more games actually coming out.

Your thoughts on games lifespans these day?


4 Responses to “Ghosts blurry on the PS3?”

  1. My thought is that the shorter lifespans are a good thing for gamers because the games get less popular quicker and therefore end up in the bargain bin quicker, and therefore cheaper. A good example is Farcry 2. Touted as one of the top games of last year it still kinda flew under the radar in the slew that was last Christmas, and is now available at The Warehouse for about $50. Score!

  2. I agree that unless a game is AAA it does seem to have a short lifespan and drops in price quicker. FarCry 2 is an example of a good game getting crushed in the stampede of the Xmas rush of ’08.

    If you can be patient with purchases it’s good for us gamers. Dead Space is another one I’m on the verge of getting for cheap. But then again the new Xmas rush is about to start and I’m turning my eye to new games again.

    Activision seem to be trying to counter the trend with high prices to start with:

    Wolfenstein $139.95
    CoD Modern Warfare 2 $149.95

    Hope there’s a backlash against them for it.

  3. Ghostbusters blurry on PS3? LOL Beta as!
    Guess thats what happens with rushed ports. Id like to know how many games (ratio) are developed natively for the PC or 360, and natively for the PS3?

    Games beaten in days? Good thing? NO
    Alot of rushed rubbish? Good thing? NO
    Game over-hype? Good thing? NO
    RRP of games $120-$150+? Good thing? NO

    Maybe its why I generally feel safe buying secondhand, and why i choose RPG over any other genre because gameplay is definitely in the months not days category. I always feel value for money!
    Like any product in the retail sector it will always become cheaper… out with the old, in with the new. But i dont think the amount of rubbish coming out is making the better games come down in price any faster, Fallout3 from example is still full price and even a copy pre-owned in EB or trademe is $80+ dollars.
    All games come down in price as i said, its just retail law but the speed at which it comes down is the argument. Lifespan to me purely comes down to QUALITY and Franchise HISTORY?
    Good games get good reviews… and will stay higher priced longer.
    Good Franchises ie Fallout, Gears of War, God of War, SIngstar, Rockband blah blah will hold value for longer than other rubbish coming out… (but even this depend on how many rushed sequels they come out with)

    One thing i would like to know is what is the wholesale price of each game to the retailer? and what is there markup? Who REALLY is making the money? and ripping us off!

  4. It’s just plain stupid?! Especially considering Ghost Busters was a Sony timed exclusive in some territories?! They should have had that sorted before release!! Clearly it was technically possible?!?

    As for lifespan of games there’s some games that just keep on keeping on, the so called “evergreen titles”. I think it was just a month or two ago that Mario cart on the DS was in the top 10 sellers list, it may still be. To put that in perspective Mario Kart DS was a launch title and not for the DS Lite but for the original DS launch. New Super Mario Bros also continues to sell well long after release as do many other first party Nintendo titles. They are not the only ones to enjoy ever green titles though, perhaps the Kings are Blizzard whose Diablo & Warcraft series are still selling looooong after their initial release dates!

    So if you make truly great games they will continue to sell for years to come! Shit a game out in an incomplete state and you get all you deserve!!

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