Wish Item #234

Touch me please!What I want is an App that keeps an up-to-date list of all of the games that have Trophies. I don’t need any of the other stuff, just the List. The List would be accessible OFFLINE and that’s the key.
I want to be able to walk into a games store and be able to look up ON THE SPOT on my Touch whether or not a game has Trophies (or Achievements too for that matter), without having to be online. There are a lit of games out there which seem right on the cusp of having or not having Trophies and it would be handy to know.
Not an issue for iPhone owners though.


3 Responses to “Wish Item #234”

  1. Just added a pic to spice it up a bit mate hope thats ok 😀
    Yeah it would be handy for u guys but i guess its just a temporary thing as all games from now have trophies right? so unless ur going to buy some cheap old stuff then ull be ok 🙂
    Im surprised someone hasnt done a simple app for that actually, as shouldnt be hard. Maybe you could do one? 🙂 and make some money heh
    Is there an app that allows u to look at a trophy/acheivement list OFFLINE? or are they all online appz?

  2. If only the apps we have offered caching / an offline mode. Failing that just keep a PDF of this handy.

  3. Problem solved. Opened Ham’s link, copied the text, pasted it into a Note in Mail, transferred that to my Touch, VOILA! Instant trophy list! Brill!

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