Home Alone 3 – PS3 that is…

DSC01089A little boy waits… I mean what’s wrong with me? I’ve got a cool apartment. Excellent fashion style with my new MotorStorm jeans, awesome Diesel hoody and wicked cool spiked hair so I should have friends constantly over? It’s always sunny here too and I have an awesome harbour view! If people don’t like the sun I could always buy the Visari Throne Room for something a little more sombre?

I know things are still in beta around here but hell, if this is beta it’s pretty damn rock solid for a beta. Sure my couch has occasionally flown out across the harbour but only after a lot of effort to do so. Mostly things are very stable.

I wonder if the PS3 dropping in price will help at all? Maybe after Xmas there might be a few more bums on seats? Gotta have someone to show my ninja costume off to. If nothing else it’s an excellent environment to voice chat in where multiple people can get together and geek out on all the latest gaming news and indulge in a little virtual cosplay while they’re at it. It’s also free and although a lot of the content costs a few bob a lot of it is also free. Everything you can see in my apartment including the apartment itself and what I’m wearing was free. Where else do you get free Diesel clothing?! My ninja costumes were also free. When you buy Batman: Arkham Asylum you even get the Bat Cave free! How cool is that? Some stuff you have to pay for, like the Killzone 2 content but there’s definitely enough free stuff to keep any tight arse more than happy and I’m sure one day the seats of my apartment will be filled with visitors.

3 Responses to “Home Alone 3 – PS3 that is…”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    LOL Nice blog, good creativity…
    Maybe he could go to a bar and meet people? or maybe sign onto an internet website to meet friends? or is his life or features too beta to do that? If so he maybe doomed to a life of solitude!
    Until xmas at least… but then a little avatar named Spawn may have his own apartment with harbour views to enjoy… unless this spikey haired friend has a cooler pad, then he might be enticed to take a look and hang? lol jk

  2. Haha… great post Guido. Maybe hope to give you and Rosco some company sometime next year!?

  3. Oh yeah u have Mr pct himself? he not that fun to talk to? do u not let him sit on the couch?

    ps. im so getting and wearing the Killzone2 helmet lol
    Ill make myself like a tiny midget with that massive helmet hah, I cant wait!!

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