Gaming apps for the Touch/iPhone

Here’s a run down of the videogame related apps I have on my Touch.

PS3 Trophy guide

Lists most games available trophies
Displays info on how trophy is achieved
Displays games cover art
Publisher & Developer details
Overview of the game, link to its official website and trys to search YouTube for the trailer.

Simple and direct, mostly works, the overview page is a nice addition and best of all it’s free.

It doesn’t sync with tour PSN account so it doesn’t know which trophies you have, it simply lists all of those available.
You have to scroll down the entire list of games to get to the one you want. Hope your not looking up X-men or Warhawk [scroll scroll scroll scroll]
Also it’s free, which means the odd add pops up.


Basically a portal to your PSN details including list of games you’ve played and the trophies you’ve achieved.
Displays your friends list, shows their online status and total trophies.
Trophy leaderboard showing trophy totals for all friends in a reorderable list.
Trys to search YouTube for help on achieving a particular trophy.

Very nicely designed app and does what it does very well.
Syncs with your PSN account giving the most up to date trophy data and friend status.
Only $2.59

Takes a while to open while it syncs to your PSN account.
Doesn’t list trophies for games you don’t own.
Doesn’t do a full game by game trophy comparison with friends.
It costs $2.59.

CM Guide
Basically a portal to’s news and reviews but it also has achievement and trophy lists.

It’s the only app I have that lists both achievements and trophies.
Great interface that lets you quickly drill down to the game you want without excessive scrolling.
Includes up to date news and over 500 games have reviews.
Only $1.29

It doesn’t sync with your PSN accounts friend and trophy lists etc.
It costs $1.29 which is a bit rich since it’s basically one big add for

A portal to IGN’s reviews and game guides.

It’s free but add supported.
It has full written reviews as well as some video reviews
The guides are frigging excellent, include plenty of images and as well as complete play throughs and secrets. These guides really are amazing. Ross, check out the highly detaled blast shard location maps and descriptions if you get really stuck!

It’s free but add supported?! Come on, it’s one giant ad for IGN already?! Why MORE ads?! Not all the ads are to follow IGN on twitter either. Some are for other sites.

So that’s it for now. There are no doubt Xbox equivalent apps for the Playstation specifics apps above that will function just the same, cost the sane etc. There are also some other apps I haven’t tried out such as the one that views but with these apps combined I can do everything I need to. Let me know of any others you may have come across.

UPDATE: Here’s a screen of the excellent iNXES that lets you load your Xbox live buddies and keep up with what they’re doing while you’re out and about…


5 Responses to “Gaming apps for the Touch/iPhone”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Nice list. Good Job

    Yeah when I get one i might get the one because ive used them for years and years 🙂

    Nicely detailed appz too… do they required live internet or are they full version that can run offline (ie looking at trophy list, or looking at a how-to?)

    Any for xbox u’ve found Bl41r0 aka Real Mender?

  2. Equivalents are
    PS3 trophy Guide = Xbox Achievement Guide
    iTrophies = the awesome looking 1337pwn iNXES XBOX Live Friends
    CM Guide = multi format
    IGN = multi format

  3. phyzznick Says:

    Yeah that iNXES 1337 one looks cool. Thanks for the pic 🙂

    I think ill just get them all 🙂 makes it easier not deciding which ONE to get.

    • I have all those apps mentioned above. It’s a no brainer when the dearest one is $2.59 and most of em are FREE!! 🙂

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