CM Guide

Here’s an iPod Touch App that us quite game-related. (yes Nick, it is interesting for you too, soon you will be part of the brethren). It contains a bit of everything, news, reviews and also both the Achievements and trophies. Very handy, check it out!


3 Responses to “CM Guide”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Nice looking app, looks cool and very useful…
    Will be sure to get it when i ‘join the brethren’ (unless theirs a better app by then)
    Does it cost anything?

  2. It’s a whopping great $1.29 so even less than a t-shirt for your avatar!! 😀 It’s good for the fact that it has achievements and trophy’s in the one app along with news and reviews.

    • phyzznick Says:

      Good value 😀
      Are there many other clones?

      Maybe one of u special iTouchers could do a post reviewing all?most?some of the best 360/ps3 appz available?

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