PS3 Slim – worst kept secret in the gaming world?

Well ive been following this topic over the past month and as time goes on the information, pics, vids just keep coming.
Its easy to speculate but its all adding up to only one thing really, the Slim is coming!!

This things more leaky than the leaky homes debarcle:

-Days ago Sony announce their plan to stop the production of their 80GB PS3. Sony will announce the PS3 Slim and its Gamescom press conference in Cologne on 18 August. Thatโ€™s just 9 days after the 80GB PS3 stops selling in Japan (News Here)

-Video leaked to YouTube of a possible?probable PS3 (Video here)

-PS3 slim on the German Amazon site.. I actually saw this site myself and now i notice its been removed ? suspicious lol (Site/Pic Here)

Heres a few other Bulletins in case you still dont beleive…
Ars Technica


15 Responses to “PS3 Slim – worst kept secret in the gaming world?”

  1. Yeah, it’s following a similar leakiness to Sonys other worst kept secret, the PSP Go. Hope it coincides with a price drop! With Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 on the horizon a cheaper PS3 Slim could give sales a huge boost.

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Word is of a price drop with it..
    Pretty good considering u get a new model (Slim), and upgrade from 80GB to 120GB…
    How much I wonder? $550-600?

    Question is though will the slim have backward compatibility of PS2? If not when will a model come because they cant keep the PS2 going forever? or will they? lol Its definitely best value for money console/games out there today!

    Also word is of Xbox to stop there midrange console the Xbox360 PRO, and just have the Elite, with it price dropped to the Pro price ~$400-450.
    I think they’ll have to do something better than that because Id rather pay the extra $100-150? for a SlimPs3 especially with the console selling games coming ie GoW3 and Unchartd2.

    Looking forward to Xmas ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Well I heard that the PS3 Slim has already been distributed world wide. In fact it’s been in stores for weeks but they’re so slim you just can’t see them!! On launch day they’ll reveal them to the world by simply turning them around!! I also heard that like the PSP slim they’re going to cost considerably MORE than the current PS3 due to the replacement of the built in Blu-ray drive with 500 GBs of in built RAM. This is enough to store between 10 and 20 PS3 games internally but due to the expense of RAM the PS3 Slim is expected to cost around $4000.00. A Sony rep has been quoted as saying “People will be happy to get a third job in order to be able to afford this latest PS3 Slim console, it’s just that good!”.

    The PS3 slim will also bring a return to full hardware backwards compatibility with PS2 games albeit in a separate model that is reported to cost over 100 billion dollars. This is because in order to keep the slim form factor of the new PS3 Slim the PS2 hardware has to be stored in a seperate dimension. The PS2 games will then be streamed in high resolution SD to your TV via an inter-dimensional worm hole. There is reportedly no noticeable lag while playing PS2 games in this manner as the streamed data travels back in time so that the action on screen actually takes place fractionally before you press the button on the controller. Sony states that this inverse lag or “gal” as it’s nicknamed internally wont disrupt gameplay and wont in fact even be noticed by the user. Sony calls this technology “Chronometrical Lag Obsoletion Using Dimensions” or CLOUD computing for short and has filed several patents and trademarks around CLOUD computing and its applications in consumer Electronics.

    The PS3 Slim is due to be turned around on store shelves by the end of August or early September at the latest.

  4. phyzznick Says:

    Rumors are floating still..
    Even a leaked BestBuy catalogue of a Slim, although some think its fake.

  5. phyzznick Says:

    After months of rumors and anticipation, Sony Corp. is slashing the price of the PlayStation 3 by $100 in hopes of boosting sales of the console ahead of the important holiday season.

    Sony Corp. said Tuesday it will cut the price of the currently available 80 gigabyte PlayStation 3 effective immediately, to $299. It is also launching a slimmer, lighter model with a 120 GB hard drive in early September; that version will also cost $299.

    Sony also cut the price of its existing 160 GB PlayStation 3 by $100, to $399. All price cuts apply worldwide.

    Sales of the PlayStation 3, which launched in 2006 and cost as much as $600 at the time, have fallen behind rival consoles. Last week, market researcher NPD Group said U.S. retail stores sold about 122,000 units of the console in July, compared with nearly 203,000 for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 and more than 252,000 for the Nintendo Co.’s Wii

  6. phyzznick Says:

    At their press conference today Sony confirmed the – long rumored – existence, release date and New Zealand pricing of the PlayStation 3 Slim along with a few features removed, added and a price drop for NZ gamers.

    Changes include a new logo, the removal of the โ€œInstall Other OSโ€ feature, a new 120GB hard disk drive and it will come with firmware 3.0 pre-installed.

    It ships in New Zealand from September 1st at an RRP of $629.95.

  7. phyzznick Says:

    Slim = cool

    Price = ok, but was expecting better – US are getting $100 off, we get like $70 off lol how does that work, the NZ dollar worth more than the US now?

    Feature removal = stink lol considering i was planning to use the PS3 as a new linux comp too! Oh well…

    • Fiip?! Then just buy a current PS3? It’s dropping to the same price. You most likely were going to drop in a 320GB or 500GB HD anyway so the smaller HD makes no difference!?

      • phyzznick Says:

        Six of one, a half dozen of the other.
        Doesnt worry me really, not a necessity.
        I still have a laptop with the OS i know, and its not difficult switching files from one to another so im not worried.
        But not even in a hurry to get a ps3 anyway.
        Way too many games of the 360 I still need to buy and play ie all the exclusive rpgs coming out of my ears!!
        Even thinking about going Gold on the 360, to play Gears of War 2 new packs, maybe some Halo ODST (looks very cool) and even Modern Warfare 1 & 2.
        Only real reason now to get one is play games online w u badgers… but $599 + have to purchase all the same games? = too much lol
        Ill wait till xmas or after and redecide…

  8. It’s already down to $598 at MightyApe!!!

  9. $599 at EB Games. I can see this coming down to $549 for Xmas?

    • phyzznick Says:

      Yeah I think it will too, hopefully bundled with a game or two.
      Have too many 360games i still wanna get/play, so may wait till i move into my house and get it when i get a 1080p TV. May wait for a God of War 3 Bundle…

      • Well I have like 10 – 15 games you can borrow on day 1 ๐Ÿ™‚ probably way more than that by time you sort your shit out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • phyzznick Says:

        Flip may have to quit work and become a full-time gamer for 1 year to get through the list.
        Why do things always back up on me?
        I just can never get ahead!!!
        Uv got a good set of games id play bar Noby Noby Penis Boy
        so thats alot to get through *sigh* ๐Ÿ˜€ Almost makes me wanna pull my hair out lol

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