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twitterbirds_darkWell the twittering has begun. Just waiting for RealmEnder now 🙂 I thought I’d post a few hints and tips that I got from having Dean get me up to date on all things Twitter related. You may have sussed some of these things out already but some of them aren’t so obvious. Due to the restrictive nature of 140 character long Tweets there’s been lots of little codes developed as shorthand, the most important of which are…

@replies = an @ symbol before a username at the START of a tweet indicates you are replying to this user ie “@roscopct I know what you mean by that!!”

@mentions = an @ symbol before a username in the MIDDLE or at the END of a tweet is called a mention and is the standard way to refer to someone in a tweet ie. “Welcome to Twitter @RealmEnder”. You can then see all the mentions of you anytime you want.

#tags = Hash tags are a way to tag the content of a tweet so that other people looking for related tweets will find it. You usually add #tags to the end of a tweet but they can go anywhere ie. “New stuff to download for free in #Home today! Go get ’em!! #PS3 #playstationhome”

RT = Re-Tweeting and is indicated by adding “RT” to the end of the tweet and usually @mention the original poster. You use it when you’ve found a tweet somewhere else and you want us to see it. Copy and paste the tweet and add “RT” and @username to the end ie “IGN interviews CliffyB today RT @igncom”. You can apparently use “via” instead of “RT” ie “(via @igncom)” can be added to the end but that may look nicer but it uses up more characters?

So that’s the basics, here’s a FAQ that contains all this and more…
Twitter FAQ

The only other thing I’d recommend is setting up your cell phone so that you can easily tweet while you’re out and about from a standard cell phone using standard txting. It works really well. You can by default send a tweet from your phone and if you want to you can set certain people up to broadcast their tweets to your phone. I’ve used it several times and it’s dead easy and quite fun. It’s a good way to send one text/tweet to everyone and get their replies as well. Receiving updates to your phone is free and sending them just deducts 1 txt from your number of free texts per month or costs your normal text charge if you’re on pre paid. The good thing is that you just get charged for one text at your end but everyone can receive it!! CHEAP!!

One last thing is customising your Twitter home page. You can add an image to your background and change the colour scheme. You can use either one big image (that will take ages to load and be a total pain) or a small image that tiles. I chose the MC Escher image above as it obviously tiles well and the birds make it tweet related as an added bonus 🙂


6 Responses to “Twitter Hints & Tips”

  1. roscopct Says:

    Simple question: do you just put an @ at the start of the reply and it fills in the rest or do you have to type the name as well? Just need some clarification.
    Everything else makes sense. I’m enjoying it so far, but I’ll have to get Ham to show me how to set up the phone for this, as I have no wi-fi at work to receive Tweets.

    • Does this help? I’ve already set mine up so when I look here it’s already filled in but for you it’s probably ready to input a phone number?

      As for replies it depends what device you’re replying on. On the website or from Tweetie if you click the reply arrow it will put the full @username followed by a space in for you. If you are doing it manually or from your phone you type it in yourself. I use predictive txting so I have added roscopct and spawnseekslay into my user dictionary.

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Set up the device ie mobile.
    However question: does vodafone or telecom charge to ‘receive’ a tweet/txt?

    • phyzznick Says:

      Apparently only charged for the txt sent.
      Could be a good cost saver… as long as i dont go overboard twatting bleeping lol

  3. If you want to put a link to another web page/site in your tweet it can be a problem because a long url can burn through your 140 characters straight away. The solution is found at which is a url shortener. Simply copy your long url link and paste it into click shorten and you can then use the resulting abbreviated url in your tweet 🙂 How does it do this? I have no idea, but it is very handy! 🙂

    *works even easier if you use their browser toolbar button

    • phyzznick Says:

      Yeah you’ll notice that every one tweets links with that url shortener.
      I cant figure out how it works either, quite impressive really.

      Good tip 🙂

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