R.I.P. Halo movie – Bring on District 9!!

The Halo movie died after months of work (about 6 months) were poured into it. According to Peter J it was all political arguments between the studios and Microsoft that killed it off. But in the immediate wake of the Halo movies death a new project was born. District 9 opens next month.

UPDATE: Here’s the trailer…

and an interview with Peter J


4 Responses to “R.I.P. Halo movie – Bring on District 9!!”

  1. roscopct Says:

    Hell Yeah! Bring it on!

  2. I’m SO looking forward to seeing this!!!

  3. phyzznick Says:

    Randomness… will be cool though.
    But woulda been nicer if it was something u could relate to like Halo or whatever.
    But better them doing something with it than scrap the Halo thing and do nothing.

    Guess we put it on our “Tues/Fri Go See!” list 🙂

  4. Definitely! Just updated the post with a trailer and interview with PJ at Comic Con!

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