Asteroids movie in the works?!?


Yeap, there’s a movie based on the old 2D wire frame shooter Asteroids in the works and the first details of a script for it have emerged…

Ship Capt: Shit there’s asteroids everywhere [to gunner] Shoot them!!
[Pew Pew Boom Pew Pew Boom]
Gunner: Oh noes they all broke into three little asteroids!?! Now what can we do??!
Ship Capt: [to gunner] Shoot everyone of dem mutha-fukas!
[Pew Pew Pew Boom Boom Boom Pew Pew Pew Boom Boom Boom]
Gunner: Whew that was close but oh noes there’s a flying saucer flying erratically across space?! What can we do??! We’re on a collision course!?!
Ship Capt: [to gunner] Shoot the muther farka!!…
Gunner: Die bitch DIIIEEEEE!!!
[Pew Pew Pew]
Gunner: YEAH!! I got you muther fukka!! I totally Pwn’d you!! Game over man!! Game OVER!!

Not so sure that this will be entertaining for an entire two hours? Fun for a few minutes maybe?! At least the CG department will have it easy. They could output all the special effects shots using a render farm made entirely of 1970s digital watches! They would have processing cycles to burn! Although the special effects guy has got it hard compared to the sound effects guy!! Bleep Bloop, Bleep Bloop. Pew Pew! Booom! Pew Pew! Booom! Booooom! I mean an old 8 track recorder would be overkill!!

More info here…


6 Responses to “Asteroids movie in the works?!?”

  1. roscopct Says:

    God, they really will make a movie about ANYTHING!
    I’m waiting for the Jewelbox movie, Yeah!
    And the Crystal Caliburn Saga, kickass!
    (You non-Mac people won’t understand sorry)

  2. HAHA at least the Jewel Box movie will have a kick arse sound track!!

  3. phyzznick Says:

    Ill watch this movie if it has classic dialog like this.
    Sounds like Wll Ferrell will be first pick for this one… must be!

    • Well unless they hire ME for the script writing duties I don’t think it will have dialogue quite like what I wrote but you can live in hope 😉

      • phyzznick Says:

        Itll be like a new modern version of Star Trek, but instead of fighting Klingons or Borg they’ll batlle invasions of Asteroids controlled by evil little Amoebas! Whoop Whoop! lol Exciting!
        I thought you did well with your scripting!, your totally wasted in your current profession! 😀 The recession creates a good time to Retrain, and I think you’ve found your niche mate 🙂

  4. roscopct Says:

    Yes, the Pews and Booms were magically scripted. Truly masterful stuff.

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