The planets are aligning…

alignmentSony works in mysterious ways but I do believe they have a plan and they won’t let anyone bully them into changing that plan* even when the lack of a price drop has brought them under fire from every conceivable angle. They have been saying for a long time now that there will be NO PRICE DROP stating various reasons such as, if you drop the price people expect that and then nobody buys your console until the price drops. This is true but there’s nothing you can do about that. A certain number of people aren’t price sensitive and will buy on day one or soon thereafter but most people are prepared to wait and if you DON’T drop the price they may give up waiting and go elsewhere.

Anyway, they have now come out and said that a price drop will happen once the “factors are aligned” and as far as the rumour trolls can tell the planets in the Sony  Solar System are starting to align. There’s the rumour of the Slim PS3 and the more recent rumour that it has gone into production. There’s the game bundles with current 80GB PS3 said to be clearing out current stock. There’s rumours that the price drop is happening in August which seems to align with these other rumours. Then there’s the  fact that Sony have the E3 game of the show, Uncharted 2, coming later this year and they’ll want to build some momentum in the run up to that date.

More here at Kotaku… Click through to Engadget to see the image of the new PS3 Slim packaging…

They say where there’s smoke there’s fire and now we have our smoke, lots of it. Of course it could all be smoke and mirrors too!? Stay tuned.

*He seriously said that? In a public forum? Usually this sort of stuff goes on behind closed doors. I’m sure he just said so that when the inevitable price drop happens he can go “See, they did cos I told them so!”.


3 Responses to “The planets are aligning…”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Goody Goody 🙂 Looking forward to the remake and price drop.
    Not quite wot i imagined the remake would look like, its slim but still length and width is still the same?? looks more like a table now lol But I hope its stays Shiny!! 🙂
    PS3 will certainly be console of choice for christmas if they do both a fresh look and a price drop. Wonder what Xbox is going to do to counteract the PS freight-train if it comes to fruition.
    But once again ill wait and see, I never believe the hype.

    • I don’t think you get a very good impression of it from the blurry shots and videos but I doubt it will be as small as the PS2 slim?! Also there’s been NOTHING confirmed and one theory says that it’s just another Chinese knock off and probably doesn’t even play PS3 games. This video showing one in Indonesia seems to confirm that theory…
      PS3 FAKE video?

      • phyzznick Says:

        Yeah it looked totally fake.
        Doesnt look in proportion, and im sure the designer would create a more proportioned smoother look.
        Something would be wrong if it went to PS2 slim size, they’ve already taken the gears to play ps2 games out, what else would they chop out to get it to that size lol 😀

        As I said i believe nothing, Ill believe it when I see it and base judgement on the real thing when i see it physically.

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