Gaikai – the new OnLive before OnLive’s even out

As soon as OnLive was announced another OnLive style service was announced by Dave Perry. He has gone to great lengths to explain how his service is sooo different to OnLive. How is it different you may ask? It runs in a BROWSER. Wow. Um. Neato. He does say that you don’t require any plugins, no installs or any extra hardware and I guess this does mean that I could use this service on my PS3, Wii, laptop, iPod Touch or anything that has a web browser? So really, if it can truly stream in ANY browser it removes pretty much any hint of a barrier to entry. I’m still pretty sceptical about streaming games. I mean come ON, I couldn’t even stream this little video properly?! More info here…

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10 Responses to “Gaikai – the new OnLive before OnLive’s even out”

  1. Yeah, internet speeds will have to get faster for this to work, but that will happen, and I think these streaming services will be huge when it does. Although because viability is linked to the uptake of faster broadband, and it won’t be free, growth will not be as rapid as other internet phenomenon like YouTube. It was cool to see Photoshop and other applications work on the system too. It really is the emergence of cloud computing 🙂

    • It’s the emergence of paying for every minute you’re using a computer is what it is?! 🙂 And when you lose your internet connection you lose your ability to do ANYTHING and when you stop paying your monthly subscription? Same thing. And he’s dreaming if he thinks it’s going to take off like YouTube or any equivalent service unless it’s entirely FREE which maybe it could be if they went to an advertising supported model?! Speaking of which I hear Microsoft are expanding the number and type of Ads they are showing over Live on your Xbox dashboard?! Maybe that’s the way the worlds going? Everything is free but you get bombarded by Ads at every turn!? Although in the Xbox case even Gold Live accounts see the ads as it is and now they’re going to be animated using Silverlight, Microsoft’s Flash equivalent!?

  2. roscopct Says:

    What? Geez I hope they don’t bring ads to the PS3. That would SUCK!!
    I mean they’re effectively using your internet connection to find and play these ads, for their benefit, AND you don’t have any choice!
    That’s so wrong eh!

    • There’s not many details on how ads will be implemented yet. It sounds like they will be on some of the new channels that are coming to Live. is really popular in the USA, UK and Germany now, but you have to pay a €3.00 per month subscription outside of those countries to use it. An ad supported version for Xbox is probably good value or you could subscribe through Xbox Live for an ad free version. It’s not something that interests me. A Facebook plugin is coming to the Xbox and Facebook already has advertising in it although they’re quite non-intrusive. I’m really hoping for a tv on demand service like Hulu to come to Xbox live. I’d probably welcome that ads and all 😀 There are rumours that the reason Hulu blocked PS3 browsers from viewing the site is that they’ve done a deal with Microsoft for the 360. There’s no verification from either party on this as usual, we’ll have to wait and see. And even if a deal has been done it will probably be like Netflix and not be available in NZ so I’m not holding my breath!

      • Hulu isn’t currently available outside the US without the use of a proxy server workaround and even that’s been blocked I think and of course we prob don’t have the bandwidth for it anyway? As far as blocking it from PS3 because of some Xbox deal, well that makes no sense. It’s ad supported. So to work you need as many eyeballs on your ads as possible. They shouldn’t care where the numbers come from and the people buying the advertising would be pissed to learn that they had blocked some potential audience. Besides it was revealed that the Skyfire browser on Windows Mobile handsets also got blocked. There must be another explanation?

    • Shh, don’t tell anyone but there’s ads in Home 😉 Of course at least these are optional in that nobody makes you download Home and you don’t have to see these ads every time you turn on your PS3.

  3. Here is an in depth analysis of Gaikai by the Digital Foundry guy. It’s well worth a read. Their system is all about putting dedicated servers close to the users, which addresses lag and the reliability of the connection at the same time. They also realise they can’t match the experiences on consoles or gaming PCs yet. At this stage they’re pitching themselves somewhere between that and flash browser based games. It looks like pricing is going to be set by the publishers. I would hope it would work a lot like Steam where there are no monthly subscriptions. You buy the games which are then recorded on your account and you just have to be logged in to play them at anytime on any computer.

    • Interesting. It’s seem a lot more grounded and plausible in it’s claims than OnLive. Some might say it’s less technically impressive. Others might say it’s more technically possible. I found this paragraph interesting for example (emphasis mine)…

      “There are two ways to do smoke and mirrors,” Perry tells me. “I can put a server at the end of your street, or set up in the local datacentre within a mile of your house and do a demo from that, or I can do what OnLive did and pay for a whole bunch of custom cables to be brought into the convention centre that aren’t part of the normal infrastructure and we could do it that way… One of the things we needed to get past at E3 was that it would only run on super-fast PCs. So between us all, Rui [Pereira, Gaikai co-founder] had the worst laptop we had – a little Netbook that was running WiFi. What we wanted was for publisher to see two things. First that we can run on that hardware. Secondly the Wi-Fi at E3 was outrageously bad because of all of the wireless traffic going on. If they could play on that little laptop in those conditions, that should put the whole issue to rest.”

  4. phyzznick Says:

    All rubbish.
    Ill stick to consoles for the next 5-10years for sure.
    Theres no competition. All though its all interesting… and maybe the start of the future… far distant future.

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