PSP Go! looks great in white!

That’s all I have to say. I think I would buy the white version. Except that I’m not likely to get one as they are as expensive as the PSP was when it was FIRST released and it only has one analogue stick. It came t-h-i-s close. Those two things addressed and I would have bought one.



3 Responses to “PSP Go! looks great in white!”

  1. roscopct Says:

    Yeah, they actually HAVE room for another analogue stick too!
    Looks a bit tricky to actually hold in that picture too.
    The price is a bit rubbish. They’ll probably sell their fair share, but it’s the GAMES that the PSP needs.

  2. But the PSP does have some interesting tricks up it’s sleeve. For starters it has bluetooth which theoretically means you could pair up a dual shock with it. There’s also remote play which is kinda amazing. This lets you remote view your PS3 on your PSP over the network/internet which lets you not only effectively stream all your music, videos etc to your PSP (including stuff stored on your mac and shared via media server?!) but some games also are compatible with this. Yeap, it’s basically onLive on your PSP (the PS3 is doing all the processing and the PSP is just streaming it as video) and it’s been available for two years already?! You can listen to your music anywhere in the world by streaming it to your PS3 then “remote playing” it over the internet to your PSP?! And yes, the PSP lets you remotely turn on your PS3?! You can even remote play all PS1 games whether they’re on the HD or CD?! It’s just nuts?! Read more about it here…

    Also their are some pretty amazing games already available for the PSP and many more on the way. Titles such as Gran Turismo (800 cars and 35 tracks), God of War, Assassins Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, Grand Theft Auto (Liberty City Stories and the new China Town Wars coming soon), LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout, Twisted Metal, Disgaea, Burnout Legends, TOCA Race Driver 2, Resistance: Retribution, Star Ocean, Tomb Raider, SSX on Tour and more. All of these (released) titles scored more than 75/100 on Metacritic and that’s not to mention all the PS1 games that are available for download on the PSN store like FFVII. I think, as you said, a bigger problem is the price. At $250 (USD) it will most likely cost $400-$500 when it hits New Zealand and that’s pitched at the high end. Mind you, the 16GB Touch costs around $500 and the DSi is around $400 so it’s in good company when you look at it’s main competitors but when you can get the standard PSP for not much over $300 and often with a game packed in I wonder how many they will sell?!

    • I like the sliding screen. I’ve read that a lot of people think it’s ugly but I think it looks ok. The integration with the PS3 is pretty cool. I can see they’ve priced it between the DSi and 16GB touch which is about right, but it makes the standard PSP look like the better buy! Apart from the new form factor there is not enough to justify the higher price. Even with the UMD removed there is not better battery life!? A smaller battery to fit the smaller size of the unit maybe?? I still think it’s a good portable but I just don’t feel the desire to get one. I can make do with my DS and Touch. Nivdia’s new Tegra chipset is good enough for a generational leap. It just needs someone to build a gaming portable around it. Microsoft are using Tegra in the upcoming Zune HD but they don’t appear to be focusing on games 😦

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