Xbox live is like an MMO?!

Fot the wuk!? In this interview some doosh bag tries to suggest that Xbox Live is [going to become] like an MMO. And THEN goes on to try and explain how it’s NOT [going to become] like Home?! I’m used to Sony spouting random nonsensical and often contradictory bullshit but it seems this disease is spreading?! I mean look at this picture…


That IS the Home movie theatre right?! Oh no wait it’s the Xbox live one. So, Xbox Live is an MMO but Home (which is an MMO) isn’t like Live (is going to be)!? An MMO is um, something online, with lots of people, in a um connected way, together?! Agh!? My head hurts?! This guys sums it up nicely in the comments 😀

I… uh… shit.
Comments like this bottle my m-

You know what? No. No no no no no. I’m done. Dissecting comments like this is costing me my sanity.

Hehe 🙂 They’re still not as bat shit crazy as Sony* but clearly that’s what they’re aiming for.

*When pressed about the high price of the PS3 a Sony Exec once said that people would go out and get a second job just so they could afford one. They weren’t joking.


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