E3 below the radar

E3 is over and we all saw some amazing triple A games but there were a ton of games that were amazing titles but which were over shadowed by the big boys of the show. Here’s a few of the best of the rest…

Shadow complex

A stunning looking Xbox Live Arcade game which blends elements of Metroid and Contra.


This DS game sounds impossible?! You are presented an objective to complete like maybe getting across a shark infested ocean to another island but you’re not given the tools to manage this. Instead you write words with the stylus and then that object drops into the environment for you to use. Anything you can think of?!? ANYTHING?! So to get across the ocean you can write raft and there’s a raft. To get rid of the shark write gun and there it is. Take the gun, shoot the shark, jump on the raft, write oar and paddle across OR you could just write blimp or hot air ballon and just fly across?! It’s up to you. To give you an idea of how deep this system is you can type “time machine” then jump in and travel back to the time of dinosaurs. Jump out into the prehistoric world and write “meteor” and a meteor comes down and makes the dinosaurs extinct. Then write “black hole” and the scenery gets sucked into the black hole. Anythings possible. These guys went through the entire dictionary and created objects and then gave them properties like “this floats on that” or “this eats that” so that everything reacts with every other thing as you’d expect it too. It sounds impossible?! I want it!

Half Minute Hero

An RPG where every quest has to be completed in under 30 seconds. Every quest is short and to the point. The presentation is awesome with wicked cool 8 bit graphics.

Getting the award for the most annoyingly named game of E3, InviZimals (yes, it’s a combo of “Invisible” and “animals” with a “Z” thrown in) is an augmented reality game of using the PSP camera to discover and trap creatures in your home. Augmented reality stuff is pretty cool and has to be seen to be believed. I can see this getting big in years to come now that hand helds from the DSi to iPhone and PSP have cameras available. InviZimals is basically a kidified version of Eye of Judgement, the augmented reality card battle game, which has got to the geekiest game out there.


A spinoff of the Echochrome game on PSN but has a time shifting mechanic where you go back in time and cooperatively help yourself go back in time and cooperatively help yourself get through the level?!


4 Responses to “E3 below the radar”

  1. Scribblenauts sounds amazing! It’s unusual that they’d attempt a game with such a wide scope on the (technically) most limited platform (DS). If there truly is that much freedom, and it all works, then I want it too!

  2. roscopct Says:

    Yeah, Scribblenauts sounds blimin’ interesting!
    I bet people will try out all the naughty words, tsk, tsk!
    Like bum, and flip.

  3. Far from being below the radar Scribblenauts has taken out the coveted “Game of E3” title at not one but three major gaming websites!! This has NEVER happened before! NEVER EVER has a portable game taken game of the show at any major gaming website. As they say in teh article…

    “They didn’t do it for a Pokemon, a portable Zelda, a portable Grand Theft Auto, a WarioWare…. anything.”

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