Sony’s beans were spilled pre E3 (mostly)

beansSony’s had their turn and there weren’t many surprises for those that had been following all the recent leaks. There were still some surprises. Well, maybe one 🙂

Final Fantasy XIV is coming out next year and it’s PS3/PC only?! Didn’t see this one coming. Square hasn’t released anything for the PS3 yet but there’s several FF titles coming out next year and at least a couple exclusively to the PS3!? FFXIV is an MMO along the lines of FF XI which came out on every platform under the sun except PS3. It joins FFXIII versus as another exclusive PS3 FF title coming out next year.

Get this one out of the way. Sony has updated their Eye Toy motion control camera. It’s still not as feature rich as Microsofts motion sensing camera but it’s early days yet and no doubt they will be playing catch up and announcing more features along the way. At least they were demoing it’s use in hardcore and not casual games, showing of it’s use in a 1st person shooter and a Real Time Strategy title although it’s legacy is certainly with crappy mini games.

Trico has a name, The Last Guardian, and it’s official. There’s a new extended trailer and this is about as exciting as things got for me. ICO is, as I have said many times, one of my favourite games of all time and anything along it’s lines would be considered a system seller for me. Shadow of the Colossus was an amazing game but I really wanted another 3D exploration based game like ICO and it’s looks like I’ve got it, with a little Shadow of the Colossus thrown in maybe? I will be downloading this trailer as soon as possible. I am a little disappointed with the name though. Ico was a cool name and Shadow of the Colossus sounded as epic as the game was but The Last Guardian just falls a little flat. I just hope they put some marketing behind this one because as amazing as the previous games were they didn’t sell very well.

PSP has confirmed titles of Gran Turismo and a fully fledged Kojima developed Metal Gear game as well as LittleBigPlanet, Resident Evil, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, Soul Calibur, Pixeljunk Monsters, Fat Princess and Jak and Daxter. But the PSP Go! is going to be considerably DEARER than the current PSP?! WTF?!

God of War III was demoed and confirmed for a March 2010 release. No surprises there as the other GoW games also released in March. A 256 player match of MAG was also demoed as was Uncharted 2. All stuff that has been seen before but all top rate titles that kept the crowds happy. There was also the exclusive to PS3 Rockstar title called Agent announced which both Rockstar and Sony have high hopes for it being as essential gaming experience up their with GTA. Time will tell.

The FFXIV announcement coming so soon before XIII is even out the door was quite surprising but nothing to match Microsoft nabbing Metal Gear not that that’s totally unprecedented. There was a Metal Gear spinoff on the Game Cube back in the PS2 days after all. It’ll be interesting to see if they add some of the Microsofts camera features like face recognition and voice control in time. There’s certainly no reason why not as that’s all done in software but they’ll never replicate Microsoft’s twin cameras setup.

So nothing too surprising or unexpected. I watched some of the press event in Home on the big screen pavilion they recently added which was pretty cool! Here’s the brief overview by NZ Gamer…

UPDATE: More from the “World of Bullshit Exclusives” archives?!

See, they’d like to clarify yesterday’s announcement that the game was “exclusive” to the PS3. It’s not. There’ll also be a PC version. Following that, however, a carefully-worded statement said “in terms of all other hardware, including Microsoft consoles, we are considering all other options at this time”.

Not much of an exclusive then, is it?

No, no it’s not!!!


2 Responses to “Sony’s beans were spilled pre E3 (mostly)”

  1. roscopct Says:

    Any news on the Twisted Metal game that was supposed to be out? VERY excited about the FFXVI MMO, I can see Nick and I sinking some SERIOUS time into that! PSP Go DEARER than current PSP? Hey?!

    • Haven’t heard about Twisted Metal yet. God of War 3 gameplay looks awesome!! ….The Last Guardian trailer looked graphically more polished than the leaked/pre E3 trailer….. Dirt 2 announced!…. Gran Turismo 5 might finally be getting car damage!- the trailer looked great but it was only available in SD and there’s no download, only browser viewing 😦 I’ve struck this a few times at Gametrailers this E3, I hope it’s just a timing thing and they will have all the trailers available to download in HD soon!

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