Nintendo’s shows some hardcore love

goombaNintendo didn’t exactly drop any megatons but they did somewhat make up for last years casual fest by bringing some hardcore to the stage. There was nothing too amazing or unexpected (no Wii HD) so I’ll just list the games…
New Super Mario Brothers Wii – like the 2D side scrolling DS title but for Wii
New Metroid game which includes 3rd person platforming that harkens back somewhat to the old 2D metroid titles.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 – the first time there’s been two 3D mario titles on one system. Galaxy was incredible so looking forard to this. The only game so far that blipped on my radar.
Golden Sun sequel for DS – the golden sun series is very highly regarded and this has been highly anticipated fir many years. Radar blipped ever so slightly.

So that’s it. Very much as expected. No Zelda Wii – expected but disapponting nonetheless. Mario Galaxy 2 – expected but definitely welcome. New Metroid taking the franchise in a slighty new direction – not really expected but not really that shocking either. No Wii HD but that was really just peoples wishful thinking.

UPDATE: At a recent developer roundtable with Shigeru Miyamoto, the famed director revealed the first details on an as yet unnamed Zelda title scheduled to come to Wii in 2010. The title will definitely use the recently released Wii MotionPlus


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