E3 megatons are dropping thick & fast!

megatonThe megatons are dropping thick and fast at E3 2009. First strike was by Microsoft in a dawn raid that confirmed many rumours and dropped a surprise or two! The MAJOR one being that the next Metal Gear title is coming to the 360! Also FFXIII was shown running and given a rough release date of late 2010. They also showed some tech demos of their new motion sensing camera that seems to be like an enhanced version of Sony’s Eye Toy?! Why they went down this path I will never know? It’s probably the least useful form of motion sensing?! Still it finally let’s them tick the ‘me too’ box on the motion sensing form and Peter Molyneux and Steven Spielberg seem excited about it. Other announcments include getting the ability to download full games like Bioshock, Mass Effect etc. Twitter and Facebook integration are also coming to the NXE dashboard?! Shudder?! :-s and the Zune video store finally coming to New Zealand later this year.

Next up, Sony’s counter attack which isn’t until tomorrow. Will they have anything big enough to counter losing Metal Gear exclusivity? I doubt it. It would take them getting the next Halo game to come even close?! Which they aren’t because the next Halo game was also announced at the Microsoft conference. No word on whether Metal Gear is exclusive to Xbox 360 but it was announced first for 360 which is big enough.

Nintendo’s conference is also tomorrow. Will they announce Wii HD? Probably not. Zelda Wii. More likely. New Mario. Surely. Anything else is worse than conjecture as Nintendo haven’t let ANYTHING leak prior to E3. They tell no one nothing!

UPDATE: Microsofts motion sensor has a few tricks up it’s sleeve like emotion sensing (smile recognition) head tracking (control the camera by looking left and right) and voice control/recognition. It all sounds very cool but we will have to wait and see if it’s integrated into real games or if it’s a case of “welcome to mini game hell” like on the Wii?! Although the Wii mote has proven very capable at controlling 3rd person shooters in particular, it’s the IR pointing and analogue stick doing all the leg work, not the motion sensing. Time will tell. Here’s an excellent overview of the day by the guys from NZ Gamer…


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