X-Men Origins: Wolverine – the demo

About 650Mb download on the PS3.

Very very cool intro movie, lots of Wolverine stalking about being hunted by soldiers and then he claws a guy through the head THROUGH a wall, and goes ballistic in an incredibly gorey blood-murder-death-fest.

The gameplay has been compared to God of War and I think the comparison is very valid. The action is very fast and furious, blood flies everywhere, and it doesn’t seem to let up. The graphics aren’t world beating, but they’re very FAST, and watching the regeneration of Wolverine after he has been injured for yourself is amazing. There are Tomb Raider elements as well, ledges, rope climbing etc. Wolverine has really cool moves, like the ability to target and enemy somewhat in the distance and leap straight at him and gouge him in one foul swoop. Wolverine also has “feral sense” (great name for a skill) which makes the screen go all Metal Gear Solid like, and basically just points you at the nearest exit. You can also pick guys up and toss them into spikes, and also “charge-up” and send your enemies flying.

The real winners in this game are the action sequences: check this one out: Wolverine standing on a cliff where he is attacked by a helicopter. He leaps at the chopper, grabbing hold of the bottom of it with his claws. then he swings himself up to the cockpit, smashes the glass and skewers the pilot in the chest, hauls him out, and holds his head up to the blades where it’s pulped in a bloody mishmash, tosses him of, jumps off the helicopter again, back onto the cliff, as the helicopter spins out of control and explodes in a fireball in the background. WOW!

The Helicopter Scene of Death is about to ensue

The Helicopter Scene of Death is about to ensue

I must show you guys, I was very impressed with this demo. Would be well worth a hire one night once it’s out I reckon.


2 Responses to “X-Men Origins: Wolverine – the demo”

  1. Yeah I’d be keen to check it out! Like you say, sounds very God of War/Ninja Gaiden-ish, which is my kind of genre. Your action sequence description sounds brutal!…it’s a few levels above “comic mischief”…. Love it!

  2. I have one or two more game rentals at the Game Station I could donate to the cause.

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