When Exclusives Go Bad – Part 2!!

It’s happening again?! Another “exclusive” is going multi platform. This time it is the Xbox 360 “exclusive” DLC for Fallout 3 that has just been announced for a PS3 release. Kotaku have asked both Bethesda and Microsoft to comment on what they meant when they said it was exclusive to 360 but they both declined to comment. I think it’s crap as I’m sure people have made buying decisions based on the fact that if you ever wanted to play everything that Fallout 3 had to offer you had to get a 360 version. More about it here… where they basically come to the conclusion that unless otherwise explicitly stated “exclusive” means “timed exclusive” these days but I think they should have to state this more clearly. Maybe use the term “Premiers on” instead of “Exclusive to”?? Or “Timed Exclusive” which is more literally acurate. It gets even messier than this though. Sony recently got the “exclusive” for the new Batman game. But only in “PAL” territories. In the States it’s a multi platform launch and even in the “PAL” territories it’s only a timed exclusive which is just batty, I mean how would you describe this on the box?!? Something like “timed exclusive but only in certain territories”?! At least they have been clear all along about what the terms are, that it’s only a temporary exclusive, to the point that they have announced the actual release dates of the 360 and Wii versions and at the end of the day that’s all I ask for. A bit of freakin clarity!! Grr! Rant over! 🙂


6 Responses to “When Exclusives Go Bad – Part 2!!”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Just do what I’ll do and have one of each platform, less stress that way lol 🙂

    • yeah, just need a 360, re-install windows on my laptop, buy a PSP and assuming microsoft don’t bring out a handheld at E3 I should be covered! Of course I won’t be able to afford any games by then 😀

  2. You have to take the word exclusive with a grain of salt these days. It pays to look at the publishers/developers and look at their track record with multi-platform games. It wasn’t such a big surprise with Fallout 3 because Bethesda released all the Oblivion DLC for PS3. But I agree, you shouldn’t have to guess about these things. At the end of the day I would only treat the big first party titles as solid exclusives.

    • and big second party games? I mean it’s false advertising I think. Despite what they said in the linked article the word exclusive has a pretty clear definition…
      2 restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned : the couple had exclusive possession of the condo
      • (of an item or story) not published or broadcast elsewhere : an exclusive interview.
      • (of a commodity) not obtainable elsewhere : exclusive designer jewelry.
      • (of a videogame) only available on one hardware platform : the DLC was exclusive to the Xbox 360

  3. roscopct Says:

    My thought on this is, will the PS3 ever get Lost and Damned? I know Microsoft payed millions for it, but do think they would’ve got “forever exclusive” for that DLC? Maybe, but the area’s getting greyer all the time.
    I think timed exclusive is still confusing, cos you still have to find what the time frame is. “Premiering On” is quite good, I like that.

    • These are the lies that the lying lyers tell. Who would know what the future holds when this is what you’re dealing with….

      Microsoft strikes again! While we still have no idea what the Grand Theft Auto IV’s 360 exclusive DLC will be, it has been announced that Fallout 3 will also receive similar treatment. PS3 owners will still be able to get hold of the game, but will not be able to get their hands on the 360 and PC exclusive expansions. Executive Producer Todd Howard stated that the DLC would be “substantial”, though whether that covers any-and-all future DLC for the game is up in the air (as it still is with GTAIV). So don’t lose all hope just yet.

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