The dog is not alone [Linux on PS3]

yellow dogOK, I was quite wrong. Yellow Dog Linux may have been the first distro available to instal on your PS3 but the penguin army have been busy and there are now many major flavours of Linux to choose from including the much loved Ubuntu!! Check out this wikipedia article…

Once installed you can use any Linux software you could on any desktop computer such as Firefox, Open Office and GIMP graphics editor although there’s restricted access to the graphics hardware so 3D gaming is probably out of the question but then Linux doesn’t have a huge gaming scene anyway and you’re only a quick reboot away from your PS3 games anyway!

There’s plenty of info out there on the intertubes and it sounds fairly easy to do the install once you’ve partitioned your internal drive. I guess the first thing you would do is upgrade the internal drive to at least 250gb so you have plenty of room for both your PS3 and Linux content although you can set up an external drive as your home folder and install all your software there, needing just a 10gb partition on the PS3 itself for the actual OS install.


5 Responses to “The dog is not alone [Linux on PS3]”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Can you put any version on it that u would on a PC or does it have to be special versions for a PS3 install?
    If any, have any of the distro’s actually made special PS3 versions?

    Heres a few links to sites that u answer a few questions & it tells you the best distro’s for you and your needs? 🙂
    Desktop Linux @ Home

    I was recommended:
    Mandriva, OpenSuSe, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Mepis, Fendora

  2. Apparently Linux supports PlayStation 3 since version 2.6.21, so no patches or modifications are required for it to run. Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu can be run on the PlayStation 3. There’s a small typo on Ham’s original link to the wikipedia page.

    It gives some good info.
    If you’ve got the hard drive space it looks like it’s pretty easy to do. If my experience of Ubuntu on my laptop is anything to go it works really well for general computing stuff. Be prepared for a lot of system updates every month though.

  3. phyzznick Says:

    Thanks for the info, may just hold out on getting a new pc or mac and just wait to get me ps3 next year and switch to linux.
    My pc usage nowadays is purely multimedia, emails and torrents which linux and the ps3 should be able to handle 🙂

    Question though: clearly Linux is restricted from the RSX Processor so gaming is out of the question through it i gather, but what about watching .avi movies from a booted linux OS?
    Will i have to reboot the ps3 os and play the avi from their menu?

  4. There’s a crap tonne of info on youtube so go check it out. Here’s one you can start with and just follow the trail of related videos.

  5. I just followed the trail and this video totally answers the question. Seems HD .avi files aren’t a problem.

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