OMG it’s the new team ICO game!

Sure there’s games like Uncharted, God of War and InFamous coming but it’s the next game from Team ICO that I’m really hanging out for and it looks like E3 will be the big reveal with this video leaked early! Ico on PS2 is a classic and is  firmly lodged on my list of top ten games of all time. The article I found this on put this squarely in the rumour category but with that familiar colour pallet, the obvious symbiotic relationship between the main characters, familiar looking main character to the one form Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, vast architecture and sense of scale and even the same font and the fact that it’s titled “Project Trico” I fail to see how this CAN’T be the next Team Ico title?! My only fear is that they will not announce a release date or worse, announce a date far off into the future or WORSE not even show this at E3?!?


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