E3 Ahoy!

E3 2009I think this E3 is gonna be HUGE what with the news that E3 is back to its old self and the fact that there are so many juicy rumours swirling and that this E3 is kind of a make or break in different ways for all three of the main hardware contenders.

The three big console makers each have something to prove…

Nintendo has seen sales NOT climb quite as fast as they are used to and are keen to show that last years disappointing E3 won’t be repeated! I expect to see Zelda Wii or Mario Galaxy 2 news! Anything less than that and they’ll get slammed by the core gamers again. Mind you they’ve sold more wii fit boards than Sony has sold PS3’s so they probably don’t give a shit!!

Microsoft has the lead over Sony but needs to show how it’s gonna hold onto that lead and extend it. It’s been pretty quiet on the software front lately but the rumour is there’s motion sensing hardware coming. Possibly something like Sony’s eye-toy but one that not only doesn’t suck but works amazingly well!

Sony are the laggards but they keep saying they have an amazing software line up this year including some really huge titles that haven’t even been announced yet. They have a lot to prove but if exclusive games like InFamous, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War III and Project Trico can’t save them then nothing can!? Or do they also have a hardware surprise up their sleeve?? There’s been rumours of a PS3 Slim / hardware redesign and their own motion sensing tech floating around the intertubes! OR, shock horror, maybe a price drop!? Nah, that’ll never happen. Then maybe the rumoured PSP update that finally ditches the UMB drive in favour of digital downloads onto memory sticks and internal memory rumoured to be up to 16GB. We wait and see.

Here’s a few feeds to help you all keep track of the madness that is E3 2009…





and if that’s not enough news for ya here’s a site that concatenates all their feeds and many many many more into one massive E3 mega news explosion!!


3 Responses to “E3 Ahoy!”

  1. Yeah, It looks to be business as usual for E3 this year, even the booth babes are back! I’d better clear some space on my hard drive, I’ll be hammering the downloads on Gametrailers. If only half the rumours are fact it should still be AMAZING!!

    PS first time I’ve seen “concatenates” used in a sentence….lol nice one!

  2. Haha, well I could have used “aggregates” but that’s so over done!! 😉

  3. roscopct Says:

    I congratulate you on concatenate and intonate that right back at ya!
    Go Blair, download like a demon!

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