Where 0.3fps does matter

For any one who wants to geek out on the technical side of the latest games Inside Digital Foundry is the blog for you! *Warning* reading this blog may put you to sleep! lol But I find it quite interesting. The author seems pretty credible and he provides a lot of articles for Eurogamer as well. He does in depth analysis of the graphics performance of the the latest games and comparisons between the games on different hardware.
The biggest surprise for me is the number of games that are rendered in sub HD resolutions and then upscaled. It almost makes the HD era seem like a con job but I suppose the upscaling works so well that at the end of the day I can’t tell the difference and I’ve yet to see a game that looks low-res to the naked eye.


One Response to “Where 0.3fps does matter”

  1. thanks for the heads up. Quite a cool site and I’ll be keen to see what they have to say about uncharted as that is one of my favourite games of all time too.

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