What gaming podcasts do you listen to?

Radio is dead! Long live radio!!

I don’t know about you but I love the so called new media revolution and the wealth of downloadable, up to the minute, super niche content that it’s brought along with it. It’s been described as everything from the death of radio to Tivo for radio to the rebirth of radio. For me I love the fact that I can listen to extremely up to date news in the world of videogames, a topic that old media radio rarely if ever covers. Here are the gaming related podcasts I listen to every week. What ones do you listen to?

IGN have a wide range of weekly podcasts covering every platform. They are humorous in a silly way but also very in touch with the industry. I listen to “IGN Insider” which is their multi-platform podcast but also download “Voicechat” which is from their Nintendo team and “Beyond” from the PS3 guys. They also cover PC and Xbox of course.

Gamercast network
This is a gaming network of sites that, through their powers combined, cover all angles of the gaming world. I listen to The Sarcastic Gamers “Blue Show” which covers the PS3 and “The Videgame Show” which is multiformat but there’s many more shows on this network which, I think it’s fair to say, has a bit of an Xbox/PC bias overall. These guys may not be up there with the big boys of the gaming podcast world but they have very polished shows with high production values. Their content tends strongly towards the silly end of the spectrum.

1 UP
At the other end of that spectrum are the guys at 1 Up with their “Listen Up!” multi-platform show. They take things pretty seriously and their podcasts are long and by long I mean around the 2 hours mark?! As a result they can be hard going at times but they cover things in depth, with a dash of intelligence thrown in and it’s grown on me for that reason.

Last but not least there’s the NZGamer podcast. It’s great to get a local spin on things and these guys are pretty funny and fairly switched on. It’s a multi format podcast that comes out fortnightly.

So that’s my current picks. At least those in the gaming realm. I walk everywhere, to and from work, town etc so I have lots of listening time and as such I’m able to “tune in” for many hours a week. The radio revolution is here!

In some ways this is like the pirate radio stations finally legitimized and given the global reach they never could have dreamed of before the days of digital distribution. A lot of succesful podcasters are ex radio DJs who saw the writing on the wall and instead of seeing digital media as the death of radio, instead embraced it and reached out to whole new audiences around the globe!!

So which new media audiences do you belong to and is anybody watching any video podcasts (vidcasts?!) on a regular basis?


5 Responses to “What gaming podcasts do you listen to?”

  1. Nice list, Podcasts are great! The ones I listen to are:

    (Regularly listen)

    -1UP’s Listen UP
    -Gamespot’s Hotspot
    -PC Gamer Podcast

    (occasionally listen)

    -Sarcastic gamer
    -One life left

    There are more podcasts out there than I can keep up with that’s for sure!

    As for vidcasts I’ve been watching Invisible Walls from the GameTrailers site. It’s really well produced with lots of video footage of the games they talk about, so you’re never just watching talking heads. The latest episode had a bit of new gameplay video of Bioshock 2. I remember a while back they had a lot of great early footage of Killzone 2 before it came out as well. I usually get it every week but it might not be very good “bandwidth for money” if you’ve got a cap. 300MB is the average size of the .wmv files and they also do it in iPod .mp4 which is 400MB+

  2. Viva la podcast Revolution!

    I listen to:
    On the aforementioned Gamercast Network:
    Videogame Show (fecking hilarious) & Sarcastic Gamer Playstation show (same as Ham)
    and also Sarcastic Gamer Radio (the “red” show), a devoted listener to that.

    I also download and watch the Pocket Gamer Podcasts. Great little snippet reviews of new iPhone Apps, very impressive!

    also the NZGamer podcast.

    I also love the Hamish and Andy podcast, not game-realted, but quite funny comedy radio from Australia.

    I also get the Dilbert cartoon Videocast and Happy Tree Friends.

    My favourite podcast would have to be the VideoGame Show, it’s just so funny an irreverent!

  3. I would love to download the “Invisible Walls” vidcast every week but as it is we always knock on the door of our 20gig limit?!

    In related news I recently did a test of my internet speeds at the excellent speedtest.net and the speed was terrible? It ranks the average results for every city/country in the world and on a global scale I place somewhere BETWEEN South America and Africa for speed for fucks sake?!?! At work I faired slightly better placing above South America but below Asia?! I gave Telecom a ranking of 1 star out of 5!! Interestingly it ranks ISPs by speed and you can see the list of top ten ISPs in your area. My old ISP Orcon did very well coming in second 😦 Also SpeedTest have an iPod Touch app out and it’s free!

  4. Speedtest.net is a great site thanks for reminding me about it. I hadn’t done a test for a while. I was pleasantly surprised by my results. It looks like my downloading speed has gone up! It used to be rated at 3.5 Mbps and speedtest.net has recorded my last test on their site back in December as 3.37 Mbps My latest tests average 5 Mbps (highest was 5.10 Mbps!!) which is higher than the top rated ChCh ISP!? Have Telecom done some tweaking in my area or is this just a fast day? I don’t get it? I’ll check again tomorrow. My uploading speed is still rubbish 0.14 Mbps Well below average 😦

  5. You’re very lucky getting those kind of speeds but better speeds are becomning available. ADSL2+ is supposed to finally give us 18MBs but it doesn’t cone to my central’ish city area until 2010!? And I am pretty sure you need a compatible modem to get the higher speeds. It’s too little too late. There’s countries around the world getting 100 MBs up and down!?!

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