Fallout trademarked for Film & Television


Bethesda who brought us the brilliant Role-Playing game Fallout 3, which according to gamers all over the world is the best RPG game to be released this generation, has been reported to have just trademarked ‘Fallout’ for Film & Television.

I have no idea what kind of project Bethesda has cooked up but either a TV series or Movie in the Fallout world would be VERY cool! We could have the next Stargate and get a movie and then a few spin off series! Wouldnt that be sweet? 🙂


3 Responses to “Fallout trademarked for Film & Television”

  1. Wicked!! I hope they do a CG animated full length feature film! In 3D! I wonder what the Deadspace movie is like??

  2. Cool! I’d definitely be interested in a Fallout movie. Yeah, bring on more CG! It must be getting easier to produce CG movies with the technology now available. I reckon they could do a pretty good film just using the Killzone 2 or Unreal 3 game engine! I wonder if that would still take more time/resources than doing a film the traditional way? 🙂

  3. Yeah, I also thought about that. Surely the time has come when an in-game engine could be used to produce a feature length movie! Surely then it would be a cinch to churn a feature out and it would totally represent the games visual style if it was using the same engine as the game. With all that Machinima out there it’s only a matter of time I’d say. Maybe they could start with a Fallout TV series using the game engine??

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