The DSi is doing just fine…

In its first week, the DSi sold nearly twice what the DS Lite did in its first week. –

If any of you were wondering whether the DSi would sell, what with some considering it an over-priced luxury, please, stop wondering. It’s selling just fine. –

So there you go, it seems it’s selling even better than ever? I’m still not interested but check out a full unboxing and dissasembly of a DSi in this awesome, stop motion video…


3 Responses to “The DSi is doing just fine…”

  1. Whoa! That is really cool!
    It’s like the cool animated stuff that they used to have on Sesame Street!

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Great video!
    Very well made, and great advertising…
    Id send my busted gadgets to those guys based just on the awesomeness of that video and putting that thing back together! lol 😉

    Still dont know really why its selling so well, obviously those rare couple of extra features are a big selling point to some…

  3. It was very cool and great advertising for sure!! I personally have no idea why the DSi is so mega successful either? Unless it was pent up demand for DSs in general with people waiting for a month or two for the new model to come out which when coupled with the DSs general good sales caused this spike in demand. It will be interesting to see how well it sells going forward. The other thing you have to remember though is that it’s REALLY expensive. Much dearer than the DS light (and PSP for that matter) which makes the INCREASE in sales all the more amazing?? They effectively increased the price AND increased sales at the same time?? AMAZING???

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