PSN Home® Glitch #47 – Invisibility

PSN Home glitchePSN Home has it’s fair share of glitches but I hadn’t seen nor heard about this invisibility glitch before. I just went to try on a t-shirt that hadn’t fully loaded in yet and it turned me invisible?! I could walk around and see right through me. I just wonder if everybody else saw through me also?

UPDATE: I’ve seen proof that you can see other partially invisible people running around in home. There’s a poor quality youtube video here that shows an invisible torso man meeting a girl with no head?!?



3 Responses to “PSN Home® Glitch #47 – Invisibility”

  1. Roscopct Says:

    Yes, I was there to witness the Phenomenom (Doo, doo doo doo-doo!), and it was awesome to behold. All hail ye to the semi-visible Brit-tophatted one!

    Another interesting bug was the one that entailed the BING noise from the Chess or Checkers game being broadcast to EVERYONE in the area, not just the players of the game. I thought I was going mental cruisin around Home and hearing this regular DING.

  2. phyzznick Says:

    at least the glitches are fun and create a laugh.

    Home just wouldnt be the same without them I think, I hope they create more and more glitches….
    It should stay beta! 🙂

  3. I think they might eventually clean these up as some of them are annoying, like the ability to stop people accessing an area by placing lots of bubble machines in front of the entrance but most are just good for a laugh.

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