iPhone on way to becoming respected gaming platform

It’s no real surprise when you consider that a lot of the games on the iPhone platform are under $5 and almost all are under $15 but still it’s pretty much official, iPhone owners have the highest attach rate of all the major (and not so major) gaming platforms. In this article you get a run down of the number of games on average that each person buys for the various different gaming platforms in a 12 month period and iPhone comes out on top. The big surprise was that the platform with the second highest attach rate was, wait for it, the PSP?! Yes that’s right, in a 12 month period more games, on average, are purchased by PSP owners than any other platform other than the iPhone, which lets face it, must get a significant boost due to the much lower price point of the average game. A quick check ofย  Mighty Ape shows that the average price for a PSP game is around the $80 mark so it’s a much bigger financial commitment to the PSP owner than it could ever be for the iPhone owner.

In other iPhone related news, IGN now have an iPhone channel. The big boys are jumping on the bandwagon. Now if you will excuse me I’m off to play some more GeoDefense!


3 Responses to “iPhone on way to becoming respected gaming platform”

  1. Wow! And I reckon that number of games purchased on the iPhone is pretty LOW! It could be way higher! I wonder if they are including free Games? Probably not I reckon.

  2. phyzznick Says:

    I gather the iPhone is grouped with the iPod Touch?
    or is it JUST the iphone? if so its extremely impressive.
    But then again when u look at u three and look at how many console games u’ve bought in the last 1-2years; i bet combined it wouldnt match how many you’ve bought on your Touch lol

    With how shit my eyes are ill stick to the big TV i think…

  3. I would be almost certain the iPod Touch gets lumped into the equation. I don’t think us guys are the “average” people in these sorts of things ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve had months when I’ve bought more than 4 PS3 games let alone years and Rosco has had DAYS where he’s bought more than four games I’m sure!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Good point about the screen size though. It’s gotta be bad for your eyes aye!??

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