EA games price cuts!!

EA have slashed their prices. Nothing over 69.99! A good chance to pick up some great games, like Mirrors Edge, Battlefield Bad Company and Dead Space.


4 Responses to “EA games price cuts!!”

  1. roscopct Says:

    Hmmm, that is good news. None of those three you mention interest me, but there could be something in the future.

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Pretty bullsy of them. I think its great! Hope all developers follow suit because 95% of games from retailers are overpriced.

    Why do they think sales are down? Alot of people like myself would rather pay 25-50% of the price and buy pre-owned.

  3. Yeah, Steam have also been experimenting with pricing and they have shown several thousand percent increases in sales by dramatically slashing the prices of games. That’s the true way to go mainstream. Reduce game prices till they become more in line with DVD/CD prices. Although I don’t think they need to be as cheap as CDs or DVDs I do think they need to be in a similar price frame ie under $100 for sure and if they’re selling well at $69.99 here’s hoping they settle on that price point permanently as I think it’s about right for brand new games, with “platinum” titles coming in around the $30-$40 mark. If they were in that price range there wouldn’t be such a big pre-owned market.

  4. phyzznick Says:

    Yeah if i really wanted a new-release game id probably pay $69.99…
    Until then ill buy preowned!

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