I WON something!

Yay! I won a game! I entered a competition in The Box, which is a supplement in The Press every Tuesday. I won a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3. Sweet! It’s a promo copy which doesn’t have a manual, but Metal Gear Solid 4 is supposed to be so sweet it doesn’t matter. Ham’s place next Friday night for MGS4?


3 Responses to “I WON something!”

  1. NICE!! MGS4 is almost a system seller for me. I’m waiting for the double hit of God of War III and Play TV later in the year? to seal the deal, and a price drop to sweeten it 🙂 But it will be great to get a sneak preview of the latest game in one of my favourite series. You guys are doing well in the comps!!

  2. Yeah! Must be Blairs turn next to win the Armageddon prize pack!! 😀

  3. PS Who is this mysterious person who claims to have won something?? Why are all posts on this blog anonymous??? 😉

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