New PSP2 due before Xmas? Duh?!

If the new PSP2 does look like this and does have two analogue sticks and ditched the UMB drive and adds a touch screen I think I might buy one. Of course with all this goodness added in it will probably cost $799?! :-D

If the new PSP2 does look like this and does have two analogue sticks and does ditch the UMB drive and adds touch screen functionality I think I might be tempted to buy one. Of course with all this goodness added in it will probably cost $799?! 😀

Apparently the rumour mongers think there’s a new PSP due out before Xmas. Gee really? What with the DSi selling like hot cakes at a point when everyone must surely own a DS already Sony have to do something to renew interest in their handheld. Whether it will look like the artists impression above or not is anybodys guess but they had better A) Get rid of the UMD drive and B) Add on a second analogue stick to correct two of the biggest problems of the current model. This will A) Increase the battery life by using solid state memory which was another of the most pressing issues (this is a portable afterall) and B) Make faithfully porting console games much easier.


3 Responses to “New PSP2 due before Xmas? Duh?!”

  1. roscopct Says:

    The artist’s impression does look very sweet, but are Sony too late? Has the DSi taken what little marketshare is left, with the iPhone swallowing up gamers as well?
    Their biggest problem I believe is still lack of decent games for this handheld. It could be the fancy schmaciest thing ever, but if there’s not a bunch of decent games out for it, it’ll get forgotten in a year’s time.

    Is this the way forward, or is something like OnLive the way ahead?

  2. An OnLive handheld is an interesting concept and not one I have heard discussed anywhere. Pretty cool idea as all handhelds have wifi and are low powered devices so why not. However in reality I think OnLive will appeal to a limited market. Those people that don’t mind paying a subscription to play games but don’t have a high end gaming system and who don’t mind having access to the games they’ve bought denied onec they stop paying their subscription. I’m not even sure who that market is? Maybe WoW players 😀 Steam have apparently said they will unlock all the games you have bought if Steam goes bust. I wonder if OnLive will have such a guarantee?

  3. An OnLive handheld would be pretty cool, and on a small screen you’d only need the 480p resolution. If a handheld had the same analogue sticks/buttons as a controller, playing all the big console games would be easy! Requiring the internet to play would limit the portability (could still play at the library???) which could defeat the purpose a bit.

    I am eagerly awaiting the PSP2. All they have to do is replicate that artists impression, add a touch screen and enable buying games from the PlayStation Store and I’ll be tempted too!! But like Ross said they would have to release a lot of decent games for it to have any great success. They seem to have got themselves into a catch 22 situation with the current PSP. The games don’t sell very well so third party developers don’t risk making new games for it and so on. Piracy seems to get most of the blame which makes sense because the hardware does sell well and there is a big enough install base out there. Monster Hunter in Japan is the exception to the rule. It’s weird that piracy (if that’s what’s causing the lack of PSP game sales) doesn’t affect the DS as much. Sony must be pulling their hair out!! I hope they can get all the game developers back on board with the PSP2!

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