[Not] Huge Sony Announcement Impending?

A huge Sony announcement is rumoured for Tuesday but what could it be? Most bets are on a price drop. What about Home coming out of Beta? Or something Cloud related? Place your bets now.

Update: Just a sodding PS2 price drop??!! 😦 Is there anyone out there that doesn’t already own one?? They are really trying hard  to drive home the message that they support their consoles for 10 years!!

Update: Firmware 2.7 came out the day after their “big” announcement. Most of the rumoured features and enhancements were included. This was more exciting than the PS2 price drop but still not Earth shattering stuff.


3 Responses to “[Not] Huge Sony Announcement Impending?”

  1. My money’s on a PS3 price drop. There are also rumours of another PS2 price drop. I hope it’s the unveiling of the new PSP2 but that will probably happen at a show like E3.

  2. Price drops a pretty safe bet but someone did say that this is a global announcement and Sony’s prices are set region by region but still they could announce the drop but not go into specifics about how much by in each region? But that’s no fun 😀 Here’s more slightly less obvious predictions…

    Electronic distribution: Every title now available on the PSN store, not just select ones like Warhawk, Ratchet and Clank and Wipeout but every title ever released. This would tie in with a PSP2 announcement which ditches the UMB drive and also has all games available for download also. It has to happen one day and they’ve tested the waters for a while now.

    Home comes out of Beta: I said this in the post but really, it’s about time. There’s finally content in there. I check it out almost every day at the moment. It’s always been stable with just the odd dropped connection. There’s the much talked about glitching but show me any game that’s gone gold and it’ll have similar glitches/clipping issues, let alone a beta. They’re not game breakers by any means. It’s not like they’re charging anything for it anyway so nobody’s gonna complain too loudly so why the hold up? There was also an announcement in Home last Friday about something that was going to happen this week (possibly as early as today but it may be unrelated)?

    Major new firmware update: This is quite likely also. Rumoured features include cross gaming chat, enhanced XMB, faster trophy loading & syncing, multiple PSN logins per game and more. These are all welcome features and although it’s all rumour and speculation as to the ins and outs of it the patch itself has been released to devs so it can’t be too far away.

    PSP2: Blair said it and it’s actually a pretty safe bet if you consider that the DSi is debuting soon. Sony might want to steal a bit of that Nintendo thunder by announcing a kick arse new PSP2 and what better time to do it than just prior to the next DS release??

  3. roscopct Says:

    PS@ price drop? Damn, that’s disappointing! I’ll keep waiting for a cheap PS3, keep waiting…

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