Microsoft news… You want the good? or the sad’n’funny first?

Ok starting with the good…
Blizzard and Microsoft in Xbox 720 Talks
Shit if they get the ports running to the 720, and running well… it will be an exclusive-fest for the 720 and could see them do well in the next-gen attempt.

But heres a mini rundown from GameIndustry
Blizzard executive Rob Pardo has revealed that the World of Warcraft developer is in active talks with Microsoft regarding the successor to the Xbox 360.
This is perhaps surprising considering Blizzard’s last game to see a console release was the Nintendo 64 port of StarCraft way back in 2000 but that’s the point–Blizzard’s titles absolutely dominate the PC platform yet never reach consoles. Pardo explains:

“There are are so many games like we make at Blizzard that we don’t take to consoles because they don’t support the input device and you end up with crappy ports. That’s why RTS games never do well on consoles.”
“If I was them, I’d be sitting around trying to figure out what’s a cool input device that supports all types of new kinds of games.”

With surefire hits Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 under development at Blizzard, not to mention an unannounced next-gen MMO, Microsoft must be eager not to miss out this time..

And the Funny….
First ‘Sex’-rated community game hits Xbox Live
Break One Out, the first ever community game to receive the 3/3 Sex Rating from Microsoft, has been released on Xbox Live Marketplace.
The game is an Arkanoid clone where you have to use a ball to smash the blocks, revealing… pictures of scantily clad ladies writhing around on a bed! Of course. Which is a surprise, given how cleancut Microsoft likes to keep Xbox Live, but it’s available to buy right now for 200 Microsoft Points.

Show me dem TITTIES!!

Show me dem TITTIES!!

Funny thing is.. it didnt last long lol Its already been pulled…it didnt even last 24hours. So… if you did buy it, congratulations – you have one of the rarest and most controversial games to hit Xbox Live ever!
Even funnier is if u go to the xboxlive marketplace online and click the link it takes you to the ‘Content Not Found’ page lol
How the hell did this pass approval? LOL Someone will have certainly lost their job for this one.. Dumbass, but a mighty good effort though hehe.


8 Responses to “Microsoft news… You want the good? or the sad’n’funny first?”

  1. I don’t get it?? What do they mean by “they don’t support the input device”?? Isn’t mouse and keyboard the input device and that’s supported in the current gen so what’s the problem?? We have enough resolution to pull it off and internet connections etc? There’s no excuse?!

    As for that game?? How the HELL did anyone think THAT would go down well?? There’s a vetting process right?? Someone actually has to approve what goes up and what doesn’t?? Someone actually looked at this and said, “Tits and the worst Arkanoid clone I have ever seen, that’s what we’re looking for, APPROVED! Next!”

  2. roscopct Says:

    Actually it’s not the worst Arkanoid clone, there’s a terrible one on the Touch, but it looks pretty darn awful. Even the chick doesn’t look that hot. Wonder how many downloads got thru before they pulled the pin?

  3. Keyboard and Mouse is not officially supported on 360. The theory I’ve heard a few times, is that it upsets the balance too much in online FPS multi-player games. So you would have to have the option to separate controller users and mouse users when matching opponents. It’s probably possible to do but over complicates things especially with leaderboards etc….. There could be some truth in the theory because Unreal Tournament is the only PS3 game I know that has utilized keyboard and mouse support. Killzone 2 and Resistance 1&2 don’t support it and I can’t think of any other reasons why they wouldn’t?

    They probably don’t know what % of PS3 owners actually have a mouse and keyboard with their console (less than 40%??). The install base is probably pretty small. It becomes a numbers game for the developers. If they wanted to port a mouse only Blizzard game I think their best bet would be to bundle the mouse and keyboard with the game similar to what they do with the Buzz controllers and Guitar Hero, but it sounds like they’re not interested this generation.

    I think the Wii has opened up what is possible with input devices. Who knows what we’ll see for the next-gen. Would a mouse/keyboard/wiimote/sixaxis/controller hybrid be possible? What ever they come up with, if it can play Blizzard games I’m all for it!

    The Arkanoid story is a classic! lol Unfortunately it possibly would have sold a lot if they had left it on, even though it’s one of the most lowbrow games out there πŸ™‚

  4. That’s just weird. I just use my normal usb keyboard and mouse on my PS3 and it works fine (although I’ve only used it for entering text / mainly in the browser). Also the Wii supports USB keyboards but again I have only used it in the browser. I would have thought with Xbox it would have been a no brainer since it’s PC derived and has USB ports and bluetooth? There’s really no excuse? Everybody has a keyboard/mouse in their home somewhere?? And leader boards could just have a little icon next to the name indicating if controller / keyboard was used or keep separate leader boards. Including a USB/bluetooth keyboard driver is surely a no brainer for Microsoft and they just had their major system update so they could have added it in then, no need to wait till the next next gen surely?? So what’s their game? Especially when Blizzard are asking them to do it? Even though they could just bring their games to Playstation right now they are actually willing to wait for Microsoft to sort their shit out? I tell you this gen does my head in πŸ˜€ I don’t know what’s worse? It’s bad enough that the PS3 fully supports keyboard and mouse but most of it’s games DON’T but isn’t it worse to not have the support in there in the first place when developers actually want it? Maybe Microsoft were just trying hard NOT to be Microsoft with the Xbox? Trying to keep things separate? After all they didn’t include a browser or the option to install/dual boot another operating system ie Windows so perhaps not allowing keyboard and mouse is just a way of saying “this is not a PC” and Blizzard are trying to get them to change that philosophy and include all these traditionally PC features next time round?

  5. phyzznick Says:

    On topic are we talking about a questioned overall support of keyboard/mouse; or gaming support for kb/mouse? Theres confusion here…

    The USB keyboard can be used in the 360 dashboard for typing messages, filling forms etc just the same way you do with the PS3 and Wii, however mouse does nothing as there isnt a browser/cursor layout like there is in wii or even aspects of ps3.
    Theres no OFFICIAL support for games basically from the console makers/developers… however its still possible in respects to the keyboard typing in some…
    The keyboard is used in Final Fantasy XI online on the 360 – once again its purely for the chatbox dialog/messaging between players/guilds. But there is no movement derived from keyboard/mouse input.

    So in hindsight – basic keyboard support is there between the consoles – but really for messaging/texting only – no movement/hotkey support (WSAD etc) is available in -game.

    The main question is about mouse support…(turning/spinning time on movement, scrolling across screen, accuracy & speed of clicking targets etc)
    There clearly isnt any support for normal console games… and in my opinion i dont want there to be, you dont need it! Go play games on the PC if you NEED it. Hell i thought id never adjust as i am a very keyboard/mouse player in any RPG/FPS/RTS!, I hated dual analogue sticks – but now that im used to it im fine and can certainly hold my own as you know :oP. But really mouse support would be more of an annoyance. As blair said it would cause too much of an issue between mouse/kb vs controller that really isnt worth the hassle of the support. The controller vs the EXACT movement of a mouse is unfair and unwise to put up against each other, with a mouse you can make a quick movement and you completely turn around, you cant even do that at max sensitivity with a controller.

    Basically to put that in hindsight, if u want to play games with a keyboard/mouse ask yourself why the hell u have a console. Go back to the PC and buy the PC version of the game…

    I do agree with both of you though and I understand with the manufactuers – i would like support there for the games that really do need it – but it would have to be enabled in-game, such as a blizzard RTS, but would have to be controlled when it came to online play with either a seperate league or icons as u said.
    I feel MS is trying to keep this as a console, not turn it into a shuttle-PC… But then again Sony with there PS3 is showing us thats where they are going… a console with the possibility of turning it into a PC also, which is great… but i dunno if MS will go there and I guess they only will if the PS3 really shows that the Linux PC / console mix IS what people want…. Interesting times…

    Whats also interesting is there are external devices that have tried to create the support… with limited effect.
    The original Xbox had a gadget called Smart JoyFrag. This allowed full mouse/keyboard support in Halo 2, giving JoyFrag equipped players a definite edge over their competitors.
    There was also the XCM XFPS 360 that promised to allow both a keyboard and mouse to be used in-game for the 360, but this seemed to be discontinued after it was a basic FAIL …. but at XCM they do make adaptors/convertors that allow u to use a PS3 controller on a 360 and vice versa… yay lol not sure of the actual point or benefit tho, except in the case of hamish who may feel defiled and sinning against his anti-MS policy by physically holding MS merchandise lol πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks for clearing a few things up but basically the question still is, why are they trying to get support included into the next next gen basically saying that that is the only thing holding them back from porting over all their rts and mmo games when the support is clearly there already?? Bring the games out already??? As stated previously Unreal Tourny has full M&K support which is great for people who can’t afford or don’t want to throw down the money on a monster PC gaming rig as well as a PS3 but I agree that I don’t have much need for it personally as I, like most people, don’t have the PS3 set up at a desk with a mouse and keyboard but somebody obviously wants it, Blizzard, and it’s apparently easy to incorporate it on all three platforms if you want to? So what are you complaining about Blizzard? πŸ™‚ but anyway, maybe it was a quote taken out of context or something?? Maybe they want a keyboard that is also a controller like THIS πŸ˜€ Seriously, that was an actual product!! So maybe that’s what blizzard wants, an all in one controller and keyboard as standard with every console!? Maybe add in motion/six axis and IR pointer support while you’re at it and you’re good to go for every conceivable game out there?! πŸ˜€ hmm, I sense a wacky game peripherals post coming up πŸ™‚

  7. Haha… that gamecube keyboard controller is…..well….hmm….geek chic? Ahead of it’s time? πŸ™‚ The PS3 and 360 keypads that clip into the controllers are a bit more refined but you can’t speed type on them.

    Yeah he does seem to forget about the PS3 when he says the consoles don’t support the input device. I would love to see Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 on the PS3 and I agree that technically there is no reason why it can’t be done. They are obviously interested in moving their games to the console platforms sometime in the future. Maybe they have done market research and found that not enough people know that the PS3 has mouse/kb support? It’s bound to be something like that. Blizzard is a smart company and I’m sure they would release the games if it made financial sense. Unless it’s just that they have some sort of loyalty to the Microsoft/Windows brand and like Nick said are gearing up for the next-gen 720.

  8. Here’s the quote that makes me wonder…
    “If I was them, I’d be sitting around trying to figure out what’s a cool input device that supports all types of new kinds of games.”
    that they might be talking about some wii-mote like functionality. The Wii-mote has proven that you can use it for pretty much any genre including shooters and RTS type games. Maybe Blizzard are pushing for something like that (IR pointer) rather than just keyboard support which we already have or at least could have if they wanted it. I’m sure if Blizzard said to Microsoft “We’ll put Diablo 3 out on 360 if you load a mouse driver” they would do it in a flash. So it must be something else they’re asking for…

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