Xi is here?! ARG?!

Xi is an alternate reality “game” that has come to Home. There’s a bit of information posted here…

and what Wikipedia has to say about ARGs here.

I’ve had a quick go at it and it seems to be a mash up of blogs, videos, forums and websites that help you solve puzzles.

Unlike the last interactive space they had where you had to find codes to win prizes there doesn’t seem to be anything on offer here other than the solving of the mystery. I’d never heard of ARGs before so I’ll give it a go and see what happens. I think that the idea is that it’s a “game” that evolves and gets added to over time. So it’s a game that’s MEANT to be permanently in Beta?! 😀 So it’s ideally suited to Home!! 😀


One Response to “Xi is here?! ARG?!”

  1. Xi has been kinda interesting. Interesting enough to get me into home almost every day. A new area opened up which had a bunch of (mostly crap) mini games to complete to get the next piece of the puzzle. It’s previously only required you to find certain websites online and google certain things to find solutions. Now apparently it escaped into the real world even more so with billboards popping up around Europe and the US containing more clues.

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