Celebrity Xbox Avatars

Click through to see some very cool and very creative Xbox Avatars…

Click through to see some very cool and very creative Xbox Avatars…


4 Responses to “Celebrity Xbox Avatars”

  1. Roscopct Says:

    Yeah, those are really awesome. I was wondering when someone would show us some of this stuff? Like the Nico one particularly.

  2. Hmm….. Very creative! It’s inspired me to have another play around with the avatars. I’ve read they plan to do things like linking game unlockables to the avatars so you could dress in game character costumes and also introduce more gamey type accessories like wizards robes etc….

  3. Yeah, Sony are releasing free and paid for costumes of in game characters like the street fighter character costumes (paid for) and movie characters like the watchmen costumes (free) as well as things to adorn your “home” like the ornamental Resident Evil figurine and assorted watchmen merchandise (all free) and I expect Microsoft to get in on the game at least on the avatar side. Every single game should release it’s characters as avatars, either paid or free. It’s a no brainer really and I wonder why (Sony and Microsoft) haven’t been more on the ball in this regard although Sony are have now definitely got the ball rolling at least with Watchmen, Resident Evil, Far Cry, Uncharted and Street Fighter content released in Home so far.

  4. roscopct Says:

    It’s the kind of content that I feel SHOUDL already be there, as a further incentive to buy these consoles and experience these things. It is not a small thing I believe, because it ca attract player back to the PSN or Live environment, where they are more likely to but a sponsors’s product or and Arcade game etc.

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