Surprisingly good reviews for GTA: Chinatown Wars!?!

Is anyone thinking about getting this? Critics are raving about it. I hadn’t paid it much attention because I didn’t think GTA could be ported to the DS without being totally gimped. I’m still not totally convinced but I would like to check it out – maybe Rockstar are miracle workers! lol 🙂


3 Responses to “Surprisingly good reviews for GTA: Chinatown Wars!?!”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Yeah a number of copies have come out on Mininova but i havent downloaded one yet. Initially there was a problem due to the 1mb save file and all the R4, M5, Edge cards werent working w it, so the game just froze at the autosave. (normal save is 512kb)
    I believe they have been fixed, but meh im in no hurry… havent even finished GTA4 yet lol
    But from comments ive read its meant to be excellent, graphically quite good to even compare with GTA4 apparently, not bad for a portable low-def version.
    I could just get it and u can have a “try before u buy” if u like? or just be a mighty pirate like me lol and dont buy! 😀

  2. Here’s an excellent mash-up of reviews by Kotako

    At the mo I have too many games I’ve barely touched so will give this a miss for now.

  3. Yeah I’ve got too many unfinished games on my plate too. I’m in no hurry Nick but I’ll have a look if you do download it. 😉 I’ll probably add it to my growing list of games to buy in the future. It’s hard to keep up!! 🙂

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